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"Article from 1.24.2007"

Wednesday, January 24, 2007 News
Band takes ride with new sound

Wednesday, January 24, 2007 9:10 AM CST
By Ben Ledbetter --Easterner assistant editor

Idle Ride started in 1998 playing coffee shops in Shepherdstown, W.Va., when band members were attending nearby Shepherd College.

The band started playing acoustic music in its early days but now, as rhythm guitar player Jason Trenary said, the band has a modern southern rock sound much like 3 Doors Down.

"It's come a long way since its acoustic roots," said Trenary. "We're a fully electric band now."

Idle Ride will be playing Bunker's on Saturday in Leesburg and on Saturday, Jan. 20 played at Kirkpatrick's in Ashburn Village.

Trenary is the band's main songwriter, rhythm guitar player and lead singer and said that switching to an electric sound has been like picking up a new instrument.

"As far as being the writer, you can do so many different things with the electric (guitar)," he said. "There's a place for an acoustic in a caf/, but if you want to entertain a lot of people, you play electric. For me as a writer, it's a whole new instrument almost."

The band currently has four albums and an EP already out and is currently recording another album.

But the band, like other musicians, doesn't have to wait for studio time or an interview process as much as it used to since the use of digital music has increased. Idle Ride has a page on where it has four songs posted. The site also has show dates and allows users to post comments. That's certainly been helpful in talking with club owners.

"It helps out a lot," said Trenary. " A club owner will go on My Space and see what people have to say about you. All those things can be answered without having an interview. It makes the playing field level."

On the Web: - The Loudoun Easterner Newspaper

"Remarks from MMC5, Harrisburg PA"

Re: Entertainment (New Admin)
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 22:53:30 GMT
From: Fan

How about Idle Ride Band from W.V!!!!????? You guys sounded great! Good Luck.

Yea, They do.
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 23:39:16 GMT
From: PaLady

I have to agree with you on that one....I know one of the band members very well...and I would like to say to them...that I am proud of all of you and congradulations....and good luck in all you do... And you better come to PA more often..LOL So I can see you people... Always have fun and just smile...PaLady

Idle Ride is Awesome!!!
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 22:28:28 GMT
From: Mr. Rogers

It's been a while since I've seen a band in this area get back to the basics of meaningful lyrics and stripped down in your face roots rock without the noise and vibration of metal guitars and a screaming guy who you never really understand. I saw these boys when they played for Gullifty's on Thursday and they absorbed absolutely all of my attention just by playing good music that I could understand and feel for...great work...let us all know when you are coming back to Harrisburg.

one small comment
Re: Idle Ride is Awesome!!! (Mr. Rogers)
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 22:41:52 GMT
From: michelle d.

i did'nt see this band but i do know one thing they seemed to be everywhere at the conference. i thought it was nice to see a group that enjoyed being together even when they weren't on the stage. i talked to the four of them every night at the hilton shows. i've been wondering if they sounded as good as they looked.

They are insanely nice!
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 06:00:55 GMT
From: Shannon

Idle Ride definitely need to come back to Harrisburg :) I didnt even get to hear them, but I did get to video an interview with them and they're such nice lads! Couldnt have been any friendlier~


"Idle Ride" - 10 original songs, 1999
"Four Only Children (EP)" - 3 original songs, 2000
"The Words in Their Eyes" - 13 original songs, 2001
"Gravity (EP)" - 3 original songs, 2004
"Down for Whatever (EP)" - 3 original songs, slated for release in early 2007



Idle Ride

Winchester, Virginia is the home to southern fried alt rock artist Idle Ride, whose infectious rock and roll flavors are bound to turn the rock scene on its ears. It's also bound to find its way into the ears of many. Idle Ride's sound is both distinct and full of mass appeal, making for mainstream success in a context of honesty, original songwriting.


Music is perfection in an imperfect world. Just ask Jason Trenary of Idle Ride. “For a brief period of time that we get to be on stage, playing for a crowd, everything in the world in general to me is perfect.” It's Idle Ride's ability to span the range of human emotion, capturing perfectly the vibrations of the human soul in musical form, that allows the band to make such exciting music whose energy is nothing short of addictive. “I personally can roll through a whole range of emotions when I sing and play on stage.”

Heard, Unheard

Most people pass through their lives unheard, their ideas unexpressed except to their inner circles. But with music, the everyman finds the opportunity to share ideas and entertain people in a binding force of light called music that links artist to fan in an ethereal and undefinable way. “Music gives me a voice in a world that forces me to stay silent. Everything that impacts me finds a way to transform itself into lyrics or sounds so I can create a sort of commentary on life.” Idle Ride doesn't stay slavishly with one theme but rather explores the depth of human thought, offering a variety of ways by which people can relate to and become enamored with the artist's works. “There's bad and good; positive and negative in all aspects of life. All I do is tell you what you already know about yourself and the life you are living”

Life Experiences

Of course, looking to the life that everybody lives allows Idle Ride to explore themes that are relevant to the majority of listeners. This, coupled with just downright excellent songwriting, allows for the opening of doors between artist and listener, the conveyance of rich ideas through engaging music, making for the enlightenment of all. “Our inspiration for writing music comes from life experiences.”


Idle Ride has proven its mettle by opening for such artists as The Clarks, Exile and Ricochet and by sharing the stage with the likes of Jet and Halestorm. The group is especially proud of its chance to open for Live. Next year will mark the tenth anniversary of Idle Ride. The group has made a name of itself with an independent, eleven-state tour and the sale of 10,000 CDS. Idle Ride will tour from Maine to Florida for much of 2007. Idle Ride has just finished a new song, “This Is Life” and topped off another “work in progress” named “One More Time.” The “Down for Whatever” EP will be released in the near future. Idle Ride is currently working with A&R Select, the leading independent A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.


“Idle Ride is no idle band of idle hands. This busy artist is busy turning out top shelf songwriting.” - A&R Select

*Tony Sicilia at Morning After Management in Greenville, North Carolina (571.242.2586 or