Idolryz is an anomaly. They juxtapose heaviness with melodic sensibility and bend genres with a reverence of the classical. When two classical guitarists/pianists with a soft spot for metal grind meet a frenetic drummer, Idolryz emerges- a talent for classic jams and a jones for making their own way


Somehow, Idolryz can ignore all the rules and still make music that appeals instantly to the masses. Current LP A Trophy I shows spastic tendencies and tremendous range, from Orc Stomp Symphonies to fireside ballads.

Idolryz's influences span centuries, from Bach to John Hartrford to Pink Floyd to Alice in Chains. Idolryz has taken the wisdom of this range to create something very new and unique. Their instantly recognizable brand showcases not only the band's technical prowess, but also their ability to use their chops artfully. Creating inflected soundscapes that keep audiences bobbing and banging their heads.

Idolryz leave all audiences feeling satisfied, knowing that they have seen something big that has been coming down the tracks for a long time. This is the real new wave of rock, and the evidence is plainly on the table.


A Trophy I-2008

Set List

Circle of Fifths
The Phantom
Little Black Hole
God of Nowhere
A Trophy I
Norwegian Wood (the Beatles)
Dirge for Eagles Eye
Arizona Moon
Crackhead Girl
the Battle of Bedriacum
These are mostly songs off our LP,
we can play about an hour and a half with no breaks, 2 hours with a break.