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"Jef Diamond - Jack of Diamonds"

“Best known for his feverish mixes blending in a single seamless stroke and spanning several genres; everything from trance and breaks to Miami bass and jungle to hip-hop and house. Add turntablism to his studio experience and a strong business ethic, Jef Diamond came out of nowhere and is quickly becoming the one the watch. The chaos and diversity doesn't stop with Jef Diamond's music... “
-------Pirate Audio Transmissions (Nov 2005) - Pirate Audio Transmission




In July of 2007, McCart, the drummer from alternative rock band Welcome the Silence approached club deejay and remix artist Jef Diamond with the idea of combining a drummer and deejay together. After an enthusiastic night of experimenting, the two realized that they had stumbled upon a groove they both could follow. Shortly thereafter became the birth of iDrum and within weeks, the duo began performing in local clubs and venues. Soon, the combination became a hit and enlisted the talents of DJ D.L., the accomplished battle deejay and sample artist, completing the experience of the live remix project.

McCart has been banging on drums since the age of 13, playing with alternative rock bands "Welcome the Silence" and "The Wavetones". Completely consumed with live and loud percussion, the iDrum live remix project has given this energetic drummer a creative outlet to manipulate new grooves in ways not possible with a traditional band.

Jef Diamond is one of the most well-known club deejays in his home state. His accolades include live radio mixshows on two Oklahoma City radio stations while simultaneously holding top residencies at several clubs. He has 15 years experience as one of the most requested club talents in the Midwest and the iDrum live remix project allows him to take advantage of being a multi-instrumentalist, placing his keyboards and guitars on stage next to his turntables.

DJ D.L. has long been respected as one of the bast battle deejays in the Midwest. His most recent mixtape series, "Soul Movement" has been distributed to b-boys worldwide and has gained fans not only in the U.S., but as far as Japan, Korea, Russia, France, and Germany!

Combining the influences of rock, soul, and club music into one rhythmic entity to fuel the dance floor, iDrum has become an awe inspiring live remix performance!

The full iDrum production includes not only loud acoustic drums and live turntables, but keyboards, synths, samplers, percussion, and guitars! Supported by the Dream Sound Project expect a full visual and audio assault when iDrum takes stage! Complete with video screens, LED stage lighting, and a full line array concert sound system...iDrum has become one of the most notable new club acts to ever tear up the dance floor!