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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Rock Alternative




"Iduna’s “Nosedive” Is A Stellar Treat For... (U.S.A) (6.21.2018)"

Without a doubt, there is no denying the fact that nowadays, we are in desperate, desperate need of a great rock band. And not just one who can hit a couple chords, bang a couple cymbals and call it a day. No. We need a band that can craft sonically rich, lyrically powerful compositions that can simultaneously shake you to your core and rock your face off. If your musical leanings and tastes are anything like me, then you better strap in and check out Iduna.

With slick production, a caviler approach to songwriting and some straight up cutting lyrics bleeding through the mix in the form of sadistically catchy melodies, Iduna swung for the fences with “Nosedive”. And man, did they clear them. A Perfect Circle, Incubus and early 2000’s rock lovers rejoice! Edgy, unsettlingly whimsical guitars jag and jangle through the verses while an absolute monstrous bass line possesses you.

The passionate vocal delivery will serve any fans of Chevelle a welcome serving of straight up rock majesty during the chorus. Iduna makes the art of guttural, down right fantastic rock look effortless. The song’s mellow bridge calms the waters for a minute before ripping into a flashy, on point guitar solo taking us to the final chorus. And while of this kicks total ass, it’s those lyrics, man.

The melody in the chorus demands to be sung by a massive crowd at a festival. That is a fact. It’s not hard to see that this song possesses that capability.The standout lyric, in a song of well thought, biting lyrics, “While they talk that way. Spokesbot, spindoc, shady messengers. We’re all passengers. “will sit with you long after the song crushes its way to a fantastic close.

Iduna pulls no punches in the music video for “Nosedive” either. The band’s passion for thir craft and their ability to hit it hard sit on full display. The frustrated point of view of the song’s narrator is personified in the video’s main character being trapped in a cell- fighting and scraping their way out to escape the conformity and constraint of society. The video serves the absolute perfect role a video should in that it perfectly compliments the song- and Iduna.

Listen. Iduna is not a band you can pass on. If “Nosedive” proves one thing above the rest, it’s that Iduna are a force to be reckoned with. The killer combination of music and lyrics are stellar. And on top of that, this small sample size is oozing with potential. Make sure to enjoy “Nosedive” and make sure to check out Iduna across their social media sites. You won’t be sorry! - Alternative Nation (US)

"Iduna @ Dead Dog Records (Interview) Coming soon"

Coming soon - Canada Rocks Meda / Dead Dog Records

""Nosedive" added to Alt. Rock rotation on Hot Wax Radio (Chicago)"

url/ - Hot Wax Radio (Chicago)

"PREMIERE – Iduna releases video for “Nosedive” (5.30.18)"

Toronto based rock band, Iduna has released a video for their newest single, “Nosedive”, which is said to be a song about the dangers of certain media messaging tactics that have gained popularity over the last few years.

When asked about the single, the band comments:

“”Nosedive” is a song about the dangers of media messaging tactics that reinforce a false or questionable narrative. It’s a cautionary song that’s painfully relevant to both American & Canadian politics at this point in history.

Aesthetically inspired by the Netflix series “La Casa De Papel,” the music video for “Nosedive” is a physical manifestation of the sense of helplessness and frustration that the song embodies.”

Today, we are happy to unveil the music video, and give you the chance to find out more about this Toronto based band in our newest segment of Five Questions With! Enjoy!

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi, we’re Iduna: Four guys living in Toronto who love to play rock music. Jason is on guitar/vocals, Trison is on guitar/vocals, Tim is on bass, and Craig is on drums. Nice to meet you, readers!

Tell us a bit about your music and writing style.

Although Craig’s drumming tends to push us to mix things up rhythmically and gives us a little bit of a progressive feel, our music is definitely grounded in guitar-based alternative rock. Jason and Trison both tend to write lyrics that are filled with raw emotional honesty, and create guitar parts that compliment each other as much as possible while building tight harmonies. Tim tends to round everything out with bass lines that tie everything together. Some of our influences include Matthew Good, Muse, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Incubus, Pearl Jam, A Perfect Circle, Bowie, and Fleetwood Mac. We could go on and on…but we’ll leave it at that for now.

Do you have any upcoming shows? For someone who has yet to see you live, how would you explain your live performance?

We don’t have anything booked at the moment, but we’re looking to do something towards the end of the summer.

For our live shows, we put a lot of effort into creating a good live experience for our audience and do our best to make sure everything is tight and polished. Our shows are pretty high-energy but we also try to connect with our audience emotionally through how we play the songs, while enhancing the mood and dynamics with our lighting setup. It’s usually loud with some stark moments of silence. We do our best to make an impact whenever we can.

If you were asked to suggest only one of your songs for someone to hear, which would it be?

Definitely our latest single Nosedive. It’s hard to say if it’s totally representative of who we are musically, but it’s definitely where our heads are at right now.

Canadian Beats is all about Canadian music, so who are your current favourite Canadian bands/ artists?

Our current favourite Canadian bands are Matt Good, Mother Mother, Dilly Dally, Hot Lips, Waves that Stray, The Crooked, Partner and Rue Bella - Canadian Beats

"LISTEN: IDUNA – ‘NOSEDIVE’ (UK) (5.11.18)"

Straight up, quality alternative rock from Iduna. Man, this is so awesome. Crank this up, it’s gonna make your day that much better. Trust.

- Dom Smith - Soundsphere Magazine

"Best of 2017: Canadian Releases"

Best of 2017: Canadian Releases

Iduna/’Counterpart’: Stunning doesn’t begin to describe ‘Counterpart’, which has been a constant companion at DCC Towers since the middle of the year. Soaring guitars, tremendous vocals and a work ethic that should serve as an example to other bands, Iduna have produced an album for the ages.
Fave Track: ‘Radiate’


DCC! Best Canadian Releases 2017: Yes, @CivilWrayMusic @partner_band @IdunaMusic @MayflysLanding @Excolevi @harpaxe @shynessofstrangers @OhSusannaMusic @rorytaillon @fxrrvst @AnthemsInAshes @JerryLeger @PiperCanSing @rotarydialband @MikeyManville! It's you! - Danger Canadian Content

"Best of 2017 - Unpeeled Show"

These albums from 2017 kicked ass and you should probably just go ahead and start listening to them NOW. There’s definitely something here for everyone. In no particular order.

Iduna - Counterpart.
Last Bullet 80-69-64.
Propagandhi Victory Lap.
Little Coyote The Trouble with Teeth.
Incubus 8.
EverythingOshaun Almost Everything.
The Sole Pursuit Flower City After Dusk.
Tokyo Taboo 6th Street Psychosis.
Code Orange Forever.
Cat Clyde Ivory Castanets. .
Danko Jones Wild Cat
The Wild Wild at Heart.
The Junction City Nights.
The Age Of Electric The Pretty EP - Unpeeled Show

"Crystal Ballroom - (8.20.17)"

New podcast broadcast! Trison and Jason headed down to the Bunz office a little while back and talked about the past, the present, and a little bit about the future with their new buddies at the Crystal Ballroom. As Dr. Steve Brule would say... "Let's Check It Out!"

Featured: "Breaking Orbit" (Counterpart 2017) - BUNZ Podcast Network

"Exclusive Video Premiere: Iduna’s “Strike The Set” (7/20/2017)"

Toronto’s Iduna want to bring back the alternative rock that they grew up on in the 90s. For the mindful, alternative quartet, growing up on Toronto’s festivals and music venues inspired them to follow their influences and deliver a mix of heavy, soulful, and high energy rock and roll.

The GATE is thrilled to premiere the band’s brand new lyric video for their single “Strike The Set”, which is on their debut album, Counterpart.

Iduna features songwriters and guitar players Jason Craig and Trison Boyes, with Tim Saulnier on bass, and Craig Koziar on drums, who came together through a simple Craigslist ad after Craig started looking for artists to form a band. From the moment they met, the band hit it off incredibly well, and while the four artists have been in other projects before, Iduna has been their most evolved work to date.

For Counterpart, the band wanted to project feelings of vulnerability, betrayal, injury, optimism, and compassion, while being honest. To help capture the sound they wanted, they brought in Moist and David Usher producer Mark Makoway.

Counterpart is available on iTunes, and follow Iduna on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

You can see the band performing on August 26 at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto. - The Gate

"Radio Somewhere (Podcast) w/Gina Kennedy (7/5/2017)"

July 5th, 2017
Special thanks to Jason and Trison of the band IDUNA for hanging out on the Radio Somewhere Podcast! We chat about what they have in common with Half Moon Run, and how awesome it's been opening for 90's icons like Bif Naked and The Odds. - Radio Somewhere (Podcast) w/Gina Kennedy

"'In Conversation' with Iduna (6/27/2017)"

June 27th, 2017
Series 2: Informal conversations by The Moose with amazing Canadian musicians over a cold (or hot) beverage of their choice in the Factory Gastropub on The Danforth! - Danger Canadian Content Productions - DCC: TV

"Photos: Bif Naked, Iduna, Altered By Mom @ Adelaide Hall (6/22/2017)"

Pop-Punk artist and motivational speaker Bif Naked, who released an acoustic album titled Bif Naked Forever: Acoustic Hits & Other Delights, on December 4th, 2012 via Warner Music Canada, which followed up her 2009 album, The Promise, performed at Adelaide Hall in Toronto last night with Toronto-based indie rock band Iduna, and Toronto-based indie rock band Altered By Mom. - Aesthetic Magazine

"SiriusXM - Canada Talks with Eric Alper - Iduna - (5/03/2017)"

Jason & Trison dropped in to visit 'That Eric Alper's Show' on SiriusXM - Canada Talks and performed acoustic versions of 'All In HIs Head' and 'Strike The Set.' - SiriusXM Canada - Canada Talks

"Iduna – Adelaide Hall – May 12, 2017"

Sometimes it feels like I have been waiting years for this album to drop. Oh wait, it has been. Iduna has been woodshedding for about a year and a half preparing their first full album for mass consumption. Let’s just say they are perfectionists. Formed about four years ago, this four-piece rock outfit plays hard-hitting fast paced tunes with a lot of driving melodic force behind them. They draw inspiration from 1990’s rock and the alt-metal of that era. As I stated previously, they also like to take their time, but after experiencing their performance Friday night it was well worth the wait.

The night at Adelaide Hall started out with Return For Refund, a similarly hard hitting rock outfit. The Bike Club hit the stage next for a very short set, as it was their first show ever. They are a wonderfully fun band composed of the members of Neon Windbreaker and The Elwins. Apparently they get along. Iduna then took the stage to a cheering packed house.

The show was intense and epic, they played for a full hour. The choreographed light show was amazing, but made it challenging to get good photos for me. The evening was filled with love and thankfulness reflecting from the band to the audience. One of my favorite moments was when one of the members of Return For Refund took the stage with a violin to accompany Iduna for a song. So if you want to get your face rocked off by the paradox of new age blistering ‘90s nostalgia rock, go and check Iduna out on June 21, 2017, when they open for Bif Naked once again at Adelaide Hall.

Written by: Gideon Greenbaum-Shinder
Photographs by: Gideon Greenbaum-Shinder
Edited by: Jesse Kline - Toronto Music Reviews

"A Spill Exclusive Album Premiere - IDUNA – COUNTERPART"

A Spill Exclusive Album Premiere

A band bent on bringing back an edgy and mindful brand of alternative rock, Iduna is a quartet that spent their formative years playing Toronto-area festivals and the city’s many venues. Their music ranges from heavy and soulful to high energy, exploring a wide range of melodic flourishes and dynamic flux. Alongside introspective lyrics, sometimes wistful, sometimes fierce, Iduna delivers a unique flavour of rich harmonies, stirring melodies, and rhythms that compel you to move. Relatable and concise without sacrificing their values, they are a band about creativity and companionship.

Produced by Mark Makoway (Moist, David Usher), Iduna’s debut album, Counterpart, is a guitar-driven nod to the great halls of alt. rock past. The album focuses on things that shape our existence; the fragility of life, love, and their counterparts. The group strives for sincerity in everything they do and brought that attitude to the studio while creating their first release. Each track is an attempt at vulnerability, articulating feelings of betrayal, injury, optimism, and compassion.

Release Date: May 12, 2017 - The Spill Magazine

"Audio Interview with IndieCan"

Jason & Craig sat down with IndieCan Radio recently for an interview to discuss our new album, how a song forms, and the sleeping giant. Our segment begins at 17:30 after Off Your Radar. That's all for now, enjoy the rest of your day! - IndieCan Radio

"94.9 The Rock FM - Generation Next! (April 2017)"

Added radio play!! As part of their Generation Next series, 94.9 The Rock will be playing our single "All In HIs Head" along with other tracks from our new album next week Monday - Friday at 8pm!

MRG Concerts Ontario Presents: Iduna Album Release - May 12 - Adelaide Hall -

Tickets are available on ticketfly today
Link: - 94.9 The Rock FM

"Miss The 90s? New Toronto band Iduna plays Adelaide Hall"

Toronto-based alt rock band and Craigslist success story Iduna commands the attention of their listeners through exhilarating rhythms and powerfully rich harmonies and melodies, and I wanted to work with them from the very first time I heard their music. Iduna is heavily inspired by 90's alt-rock, and their debut album COUNTERPART is produced by Mark Makoway (known for his work with David Usher and Moist)! The album is being released at Iduna's May 12th show at Adelaide Hall and wanted to know if you can cover the show.

Iduna is a band bent on bringing back an edgy and mindful brand of alternative rock. Based out of Toronto, Ontario, this quartet spent their formative years playing Toronto-area festivals and the city’s many venues.

Heavily inspired by 90’s alt. rock, their music ranges from heavy and soulful to high energy rock and roll exploring a wide range of melodic flourishes and dynamic flux. With introspective lyrics in tow, sometimes wistful, sometimes fierce, Iduna delivers a unique flavour of rich harmonies, stirring melodies, and rhythms that compel you to move.

Iduna’s music explores themes of betrayal, injury, optimism and compassion. Relatable and concise without sacrificing their values, they are a band about creativity and companionship.

Unlike their carefully crafted music, the band came together effortlessly. All four members met through Craigslist after Jason Craig posted an ad seeking potential bandmates. Everyone hit it off instantaneously and a new dream was born. All four had been playing in bands based out of Ontario and the Maritimes for years, but Iduna has certainly evolved into their most robust project to date.

Fuelled by the songwriting of guitar players Jason Craig and Trison Boyes, Iduna's music is stimulating and exciting in a way that sends shivers through your spine and drives you to move.

Paired with the impactful bass of Tim Saulnier and the precise, driving drums of Craig Koziar, Iduna is a band bent on bringing back an edgy and mindful brand of alternative rock.

You can stream Iduna's second single "All In His Head" here, which premiered on Music Notes Global last week.

And for pure 90's nostalgia purposes, here's a link to Iduna's cover of The Smashing Pumpkins song "I Am One" on YouTube. Just because.

Singles Stream:
Full Album Stream:

For more contact Eric Alper - Cashbox Canada

"Photo Review – Iduna"

Talk about rock and roll! I had the pleasure of attending a pretty badass show with headliner Iduna... -

"Exclusive Premiere: Iduna's New Single "All In His Head""

Toronto-based alt rock band and Craigslist success story Iduna commands the attention of their listeners through exhilarating rhythms and powerfully rich harmonies and melodies. Their upcoming debut album Counterpart allows these qualities to mightily shine, and today the band premieres its latest single exclusively with Musical Notes Global.

An intensely contemplative track, "All In His Head" was written several years ago by guitar player and co-songwriter Trison Boyes and explores the inner workings of our minds as well as the anxieties that so often haunt us. "It's about taking a good hard look at the motives that drive us, and questioning what we find," Boyes told Musical Notes Global. "To throw back the curtain and explore the confusion and anxiety that we try to bury. Do we genuinely care for someone, or they for us? Are the signals that we interpret really there, or are they constructs that we make up in order for us to become the hero of our own stories? It's so easy to get caught up in our heads, with our fears and worries, that we can lose sight of the world around us," he continued. "This song was written as a way for me to embellish those fears and anxieties, and put them out in the open so I could see how unhealthy they really are."

Thriving on creativity and companionship, Iduna comprises songwriters Jason Craig (guitar) and Trison Boyes (guitar), Tim Saulnier (bass), and Craig Koziar (drums). Upon meeting, the quartet of industry veterans instantly clicked, nurturing their ability to convey their message in engaging, relatable lyrics that touch upon themes such as betrayal, optimism, and compassion. Look out for their debut album Counterpart, which is scheduled for release on May 12 and have a listen to "All In His Head" below. - Musical Notes Global

""Off Your Radar" added to HOT WAX RADIO's New Music Rotation for Rock!!"

Hey hey! "Off Your Radar" has been added to HOT WAX RADIO's New Music Rotation for Rock!! Thank you so much for the love south of the border in Illinois! -

"'Off Your Radar' added to heavy rotation on Q108 Kingston Indie!"

We are excited to announce that 'Off Your Radar' has been added to the heavy rotation on Q108 Kingston Indie! You can also be sure to hear us on the Indie Rock Power Hour this Monday or Wednesday around 7:30pm by listening to the Indie Rock player at or by clicking below to go straight to the player. -


"Creeping In" (Single)

Released March 20, 2020
Written, Performed and Recorded by Iduna @ The Oubliette
Produced & Mixed by Ted Sevdalis
Mastered By Mike Kalajian @ Rogue Planet Mastering
Album Art by Trison Boyes

"Crickets" (Single)

Released December 20, 2019
Written, Performed and Recorded by Iduna @ The Oubliette
Mixed by Josh Bowman
Mastered By Mike Kalajian @ Rogue Planet Mastering
Album Art by Trison Boyes

"Just Checking" (Single)

Release Date: July 12, 2019
Produced and Mixed by: Iduna
Recorded and Mixed by Tim Saulnier
Produced by Iduna
Recorded at The Oubliette
Assistant Engineered by Jason Craig
Artwork by Jason Craig
Mastered by Josh Bowman

"Nosedive" (single)

Release Date: May 4th, 2018
Produced and Mixed by: Josh Bowman 
Recorded at: Union Sound 
Assistant Engineer: Darren Mcgill 
Mastered by: Joao Carvalho

Track listing:

1. Nosedive

Release Date: May 12th, 2017
Produced and Mixed by: Mark Makoway
Engineer: Dajaun Martineau
Assistant Engineer: Darren Mcgill
Drum Tech: Jeff Zurba
Additional Vocal Arrangements: Kent Rock
Recorded at PhaseOne Studios and Rumblecone in Toronto, On.
Mastering: Joao Carvalho

Track listing:

1. Radiate
2. Strike The Set
3. All In His Head
4. Breaking Orbit
5. Years Gone By
6. Lavender
7. Off Your Radar



Recent Highlights  (Updated 10 / 24 / 2018)

- Selected for Indieweek Artist Showcase @ The Hideout on November 7th, 2018

- UK & USA glowing reviews for "Nosedive" (see press)

- "Nosedive" new single and music video released via Canadian Beats, now available wherever you listen to music online.

- Selected for Canadian Music Week Artist Showcase 2018

-Best of 2017: Canadian Releases – Danger Canadian Content
"Iduna/’Counterpart’: Stunning doesn’t begin to describe ‘Counterpart’, which has been a constant companion at DCC Towers since the middle of the year. Soaring guitars, tremendous vocals and a work ethic that should serve as an example to other bands, Iduna have produced an album for the ages."

-Best of 2017: Iduna - Counterpart - Unpeeled Show

- Direct support for Secret Broadcast, Bif Naked, Pack A.D., The Odds

- "Iduna took the stage to a cheering packed house." - Toronto Music Reviews - See 'Press'

- SiriusXM Canada - Canada Talks - That Eric Alper's Show -
See 'Press'

- 4 Songs from debut album featured on 94.9fm The Rock's Generation Next -
All week long. ("Strike the Set", "All In His Head", "Years Gone By", "Off Your Radar")

Canada’s progressive modern rock four piece IDUNA brings emotionally raw and sonically polished original music to the masses, taking on the challenges of our world today in both word and action. Passionate and heavy, their twin lead vocal and guitar-driven sound never lets up thanks to the melodic and lyrical interplay between Jason Craig and Trison Boyes. Equal parts beauty and muscle, Toronto Music Reviews  describes their live performance as “intense and epic...”, where ethereal atmospherics give way to thunderous riffs, driving rhythms, and layers of deep groove courtesy of bassist Tim Saulnier. Anchored by the precise and powerful drumming of Craig Koziar, Jason and Trison’s guitars and voices soar triumphantly, sometimes accusingly, always with honest, often gut-wrenching emotion.  Decisive and questioning lyrically, in many ways IDUNA’s music presents opposite sides of the same coin. This approach is reflected in their sensibilities that pay homage to the loud-soft dynamics of the grunge era and builds on the fundamental sounds of modern alternative rock with a deepening melodic intensity, clarity and stunning harmonies to match. Through their music, IDUNA carries a hope for the future while also pining for a past that is just out of reach.

After four years of perfecting their sound and performing across southern Ontario, IDUNA are both proud and humbled to share their debut album with their fans and the rest of the world. IDUNA’s new 2017 release, Counterpart is an exploration of our human relationships, the ways in which we are counterparts to one another time and time again. Faithfully capturing their live sound and energy, IDUNA’s Counterpart is the perfect accompaniment to their powerful performances.
Twitter/IG: @Idunamusic

Band Members