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"Lastly, Phoenix heard a polished and mature So-Cal sound from Idyllistic. A good band for the crowd to jam out too, the first night ended with loud cheers." - Emergenza Music Festival


Kamikaze EP
1. Hold Me
2. Spinning Fast
3. The Scene
4. Here and Now
5. Running Dry
6. Deadbeat
7. Station Nation
8. Killing Machine
9. Little Girl
10. NinetyNine
11. Fool's Gold
12. The Scene (Acoustic)
13. Running Dry (Acoustic)
14. Slow Down (Acoustic)
15. Acoustic Live
16. Kamikaze
17. The Last Hug

1. Atmosphere
2. Oblivion
3. Shallow Water

Need to get in the studio to record first full-length album ... Generation Why?
The Story of the Millennials.



Imagine, through the forces of cosmic alignment, a group of musicians from diverse backgrounds have come together with one mission: to save the world with music.
Along their journey they have gained many new friends, battled enemies, conquered demons, been blessed by angels, traveled to the ends of the Earth, witnessed the depths of Hell, and seen the pearly gates of Heaven in the skies above.
It is a story of innocence and corruption, of truth and deceit, of freedom and slavery, of happiness and anguish, of unity and conflict, of peace and war, & of prosperity and poverty.
Through their oddyssy pilgrimage, they have discovered the one true solution to every problem in the world. These humble musicians have stumbled upon the secret to life itself. They have realized a way to free humanity from the clutches of evil and deliver them into a new Golden Age. They have discovered that the problem is the solution.
They have since returned to reality to share the tales of their exploits and unite their generation in the movement towards sustainability. Thus, unlocking the keys to the universe.
The only choice we have is to act out of Love or to surrender to the tyranny of Fear.
Time is running out, yet time is just an illusion. Will 2012 be the end of the world, or the beginning of a new one? The Phoenix is rising towards rebirth!
The best part of this story is that it is not a story at all, it is TRUE ...
... and it all begins with the beautiful sound of music, oh sweet music.

Idyllistic is the pursuit of paradise - the harmonious unity of music, man, & the environment.
Idyllistic is a rock band from Tempe, Arizona formed in 2006 by original members Johnny Monsoon (percussion), NeuMan (bass), and Jonny Van (guitar, vocals). Since then they have joined forces with Drew Fo-Sho (lead vocals), Billy Hogan (keys, vocals), and Glynn Ray (guitar, vocals) to create a truly dynamic musical range. They also collaborate with an endless array of friends.
They seamlessly combine rock, reggae, funk, blues, jazz & hip-hop in a fusion of musical genius to create a modern medium for feel good music to thrive once again.
Their live performance blends drama, comedy, improvisation, interaction and special effects into an incredible spectacle of music & visual art that motivates the audience to get up, dance, and be merry. After the show is over, fans are inspired to “be the change” that they want to see in the world.