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The best kept secret in music


"Backstage Pass: CMJ Report 2006"

The Idyllists, The Annex.
..This American band (featuring a British singer, Ian Webber) was a nice discovery. The group took its cues from the New Romantics of the 1980s, with slightly bouncy, slightly sad melodies and appealing synthesizer lines. Is there still room in the world for this kind of well-written pop? - Newsday (New York City)

"Indie Reviews"

Idyllists "Idyllists" EP ****
Baby Hurricane Records

Ian Webber, previously of The Tender Idols, was originally from Manchester, England, but ventured onto American soil in search of warmer weather...The Idyllists sound is fresh air of sweet sounds far away from the cheesy rock sound that'd you expect from California. Rejoice Moz fans, this Brit singer is back and strong tunes to boot. - CrashinIn


Idyllists (EP) -- June 20, 2006
Singles/radio airplay:
Touch & Go

EP2 -- forthcoming
My Mind Has Changed
Can You Keep It Quiet


Feeling a bit camera shy


Four charming Americans and an instantly magnetic vocalist from England, full of cleverness and modern taste, team to form a riveting, stylish five-piece. With Euro finesse and early Manchester-type flare (ala Smiths), Idyllists revel in the contrasts – organic and synthetic, studied and staggering – of daring to create a passionate, propulsive, and artistic reading of modern rock & roll.

Their debut EPs, cut live in the studio, offer an intimate and multi-layered glimpse of a modest, mannered band daring enough to be impossible to forget. In less than 6 months, singles from their debut EP have received airply in cities across America, including Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, and Seattle. Having already shared stages with the likes of the Subways, the Cinematics, Andy Rourke of the Smiths, and Marky Ramone of the Ramones, Idyllists continue to tour extensively. After a CMJ 2006 showcase slot, Idyllists have released their much-anticipated second EP and continue to tour extensively.

Jaclyn Hayes had the chance to catch up with vocalist Ian Webber and guitarist Shawn Bann at the 3 of Clubs in Los Angeles to talk more.

J: Thanks for taking the time. Your sound has a lot of past influences and yet captures a current feel, like Suede or Roxy Music along with a touch of early Elvis Costello. Was this intentional?
S: Well, I don’t know about all that, but I think we have a familiar sound without sounding dated. A lot of current music is just pulling from the past anyways.
I: Well, we all have our favourite bands, and, as far as I know, everyone in the group has differing tastes anyway. So you never know what will happen until everyone gets together.

J: Where is everyone from?
S: England, Boston, and New York to name a few.
I: I’m English, can’t you tell from reading? I’d have to ask the others. They are most definitely Americans! However, we have not got to the stage in our relationship where you sit and reminisce about each other’s childhood. Maybe soon. (laughs)

J: You’re obviously a very fashion-forward group of individuals. Is this intentional?
S: It’s cliché to have it, its cliché not to have it.
I: And I do love sewing…Does this count us off the Warped tour?

J: If you could describe the feeling of the music you are all making together, what would it be, and why?
I: Exciting, like a new girlfriend you want to quickly find out everything about. We are tending to write like crazy, so that’s lovely!!
S: It goes back to the simple concept of capturing something that makes you feel.

J: Tell me more about the name Idyllists.
I: We decided pretty much from the outset that the name would evolve once we had a complete band, so after this finally happened, we decided on a simple one word name, Idyllists. I liked it because it was not already taken by anyone. Not even a metal band from Florida.

J: Can you tell me how this all started?
S: Almost one year ago at this very place, May 2005, Ian and I first met.
I: Both me and Shawn moved to Los Angeles in January 2005. Neither one of us knew each other at that point, and after horrible months of posting ads for musicians, we finally connected though an ad, resulting in us meeting right here.

J: When you met for the first time, did you know that you two would be making music together?
I: Hmm, I did think with his slim looks that we might make a match.

J: What lies ahead for Idyllists?
I: Everything’s just a stepping stone to pushing the music overseas, where I think our future lies. Really, I just want a free ticket home. (laughs)
S: There’s so much happening. It’s rather exciting the chemistry between Matthew, Chad, Ken, Ian and myself. I guess we’ll have to wait and see?