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JCM-JM=N Solve for N

Written By: Justin Richter, Daniel Posey, David Garrison

JCM- JM= N solve for “N” And She says, “ My lips taste like whiskey, my skin it tastes like lime” she says, “ all is ripened with time. A leg is comfort just like a smile. All things go bad after a while. Take it while you can.” Yeah my waist is straddled. I think I have left the ground. Time to turn off the TV I only wanna hear, “ Will I have to stay the night?” Lips surprisingly tight. Have you ever experienced the experienced? What’s a number anyways? What’s a night without a story? What’s a chapter without a clever ending? It’s just pages on repeat. Something new is so sweet. Have you ever experienced the experienced? It could be your best friends mother, could be a co-worker, somebody’s sister and even some old mans daughter. It’s always worth the heat my friend now isn’t it. So give me a girl age twenty? You better double it. Speak one word and its over, (but) its always worth the heat

DUDE! We can totally Uncle Jessie this one!

Written By: Justin RIchter

telephones, they rule this party in here, and i am sitting in the backroom in my backroom chair, and oh me my throat is so dry, im going green and bloodshot, but me i just have this question for you. When did you get here? (Then) It all changed so suddenly. Every brick that was thrown into my face. This house, it has too many windows for them to see what is going on in here. This house it has not enough fucking doors how do we get fuck out of here. This is the part where we run. You all should have ran. This is the part where you all should have come with us.