Ian Edwards

Ian Edwards


Ian Edwards is an artist you won't soon forget! His enchanting songwriting and almost haunting vocals are sure to give you butterflies.


Inspired by an eclectic range of artists including Radiohead, Tool, Silversun Pickups, and the Japanese band Plastic Tree, Ian values creativity and innovation, in parallel with practicality. Ian began taking piano lessons at age 9. Having been a somewhat eccentric child, however, he spent most of his time composing melodies and improvising instead of practicing. That is, until he received his first guitar from his aunt, at age 13. By the time he had learned to play basic power chords, he was already writing his own songs. Today, at 19, Ian is looking to begin a fulfilling career creating innovative music.


Tumbler Teeth EP (2013)

Set List

Tumbler Teeth
Unravel Me
When You're Not Dead
Winter Has Come