Scrap Punk - "Punk Rock with Rap!"


If you could put the genres punk, pop and rap in a blender you would get IEG. With the strong pop-punk energy of Blink 182 backed with deep heavy bass and quick lyrics reminiscent of Busta Rhymes. This trio will knock you off your feet with an original sound of their own. After gaining incredible exposure in 2005 IEG is back in 2006 with even more to look forward to including their debut full-length album $100 Dollar Bills and Cheap Thrills, available early summer of 2006. After putting themselves on the map in January of 2005 when ThePunkSite.com awarded them band of the month soon followed with the addition of bassist Nate Wethy to the already hard hitting line up of Adam Fliehman on guitar and Greg Rudawski on drums.

The release of their four song EP and hard gigging through out the state has helped them gain one of the largest fan bases in Michigan. Since their formation in 2002 the band has sold over 1000 units in and out of Michigan. Out of state exposure came when they hit the road for a Midwest tour in August of 2005 along with album sales in record stores located in California, Illinois, Florida, Indiana and Ohio.

Performing with notable bands such as The Audition (Victory Records), Forgive Durden (Fueled By Ramen Records), June (Victory Records), Kiros (Warped Tour 2005), The Minor League (AP Mag. Nov. 2004 Unsigned Band of the Month), Small Towns Burn A Little Slower (Triple Crown Records), Top of the Fair (New School Records) and The Fags (Sire Records) has gained them the national respect that not only put them on Top 40 radio stations but will allow them to play over 60 shows this summer.


"IEatGlue" - 2003

Set List

Set list includes new material from their upcoming release "$100 Bills and Cheap Thrills". The set list always verys depending on the crowd and the time the venue gives them.