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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



By: Andrew Rodger

Lansing’s rising band IEG, formally I Eat Glue, may be young, but their sound is original and fresh.

Members Adam Fliehman, Greg Rudawski a LCC music major and Nate Wethy a Holt High School senior created this trio and have developed an eclectic mix of musical genres.
The band could be considered punk rock, but that’s just the basis. This trio fuses together elements of rap, metal and ska to their songs that provide comic relief and the style certainly grabs your attention.

“We all have a sense of how music work and how it’s put together,” said guitarist and vocalist Fliehman. “The three of us agree on most of our music tastes, but we branch out into different styles that inspire the music we create together.”

During the last year the band has thrown away the regular format and tested different elements and instruments such as turn tables, organ, and the piano to develop their current sound.

“When Nate joined the band he really provided the inspiration,” said drummer Rudawski. “We wanted to totally change our music.”

This musical change has brought upon many opportunities and a large fan base for IEG. The band has been taken under the wing of Chicago manager Irving Ronk from Northlawn Artist Management.

Since then the band has toured with large acts like June and Vega traveling around Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio.
Their single “Busted 4 Free” was introduced on 97.5 FM on January 14 It received enormous requests that IEG had the number one requested song of the day. This song is also receiving air play on 88.9 FM as well.

“We just started improvising one day,” said Fliehman. “Nate created a bass line that was phat, I threw in some easy guitar cords and wrote a rap down. It stuck and we kept it. It is basically one of those songs that catches people’s attention and is easy to mosh to.”
The song is catchy and the base line is upbeat and recognizable of punk. Fliehman’s raps and screams may seem odd, but fits perfectly.

IEG claims the concepts for their songs come from ideas they think will be great to listen to at either live performances, or head banging in your car. The lyrics are random and themes people can relate to. Fliehman raps in a few songs that tell a story and adds style to it.

“We write about how our style has changed and we poke fun at things like were white,” said Fliehman. “Some songs have comic references, but some of the raps are pretty serious.”

Currently the band is recording a nine or 10 song album. The band has formed a tight bond through all their stepping stones. The studio has taught them to compromise and make sure different pieces of material on the album are included for everyone.

“Being in a band is like having a second family or two girlfriends,” said Fliehman.
“Especially Nate, he looks like a girl and wears chick pants,” adds Rudawski jokingly. We can hang out real well togther. Compromise is a big part of our band.”

IEG has a four song demo available now and plans to release their album sometime in May. The trio is embarking a summer tour from June to early Sept. IEG will also jump on some Warped Tour slots over this summer.

In the meantime, the band will be featured at the Temple Club on Feb. 20 and other local venues in the coming months. - The Lookout (Lansing, MI)


"IEatGlue" - 2003


Feeling a bit camera shy


If you could put the genres punk, pop and rap in a blender you would get IEG. With the strong pop-punk energy of Blink 182 backed with deep heavy bass and quick lyrics reminiscent of Busta Rhymes. This trio will knock you off your feet with an original sound of their own. After gaining incredible exposure in 2005 IEG is back in 2006 with even more to look forward to including their debut full-length album $100 Dollar Bills and Cheap Thrills, available early summer of 2006. After putting themselves on the map in January of 2005 when ThePunkSite.com awarded them band of the month soon followed with the addition of bassist Nate Wethy to the already hard hitting line up of Adam Fliehman on guitar and Greg Rudawski on drums.

The release of their four song EP and hard gigging through out the state has helped them gain one of the largest fan bases in Michigan. Since their formation in 2002 the band has sold over 1000 units in and out of Michigan. Out of state exposure came when they hit the road for a Midwest tour in August of 2005 along with album sales in record stores located in California, Illinois, Florida, Indiana and Ohio.

Performing with notable bands such as The Audition (Victory Records), Forgive Durden (Fueled By Ramen Records), June (Victory Records), Kiros (Warped Tour 2005), The Minor League (AP Mag. Nov. 2004 Unsigned Band of the Month), Small Towns Burn A Little Slower (Triple Crown Records), Top of the Fair (New School Records) and The Fags (Sire Records) has gained them the national respect that not only put them on Top 40 radio stations but will allow them to play over 60 shows this summer.