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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Absolute Punk"

Have any of you all heard the band In Endeavors Italya?
they are amazing
ive seen them live a couple times at A1A
and once in louisville at Headliners
check them out for real

" Review"

I gotta admit, I’m not a fan of this dance rock trend that’s been going on recently. That out of the way - I like this disc. A lot. These kids are playing some darn catchy rock music, in the vein of Head Automatica, The Killers, and Panic at the Disco. Except, for some reason, I find this more believable. The production may be lacking at places, and the vocals are kind of raw - but that is one of the things that gives this album it’s character. It’s not overproduced and overdone; it’s fun and dancy. Besides, I challenge you to listen to track 7 “The Sun” and not be singing along. This has got to be the catchiest song ever. But, like any record aside from the new Crime in Stereo (<3), this one is not without its faults. Luckily, however, these faults are few and the overall catchiness of the record by far outweighs them. These kids are pretty young too, and should only be getting better as time goes on. This disc has earned a spot in my regular rotation and from a local band, that is saying something - Buzzgrinder

"Blog Review"

"In Endeavors Italya! Formed in 2005 have quickly become one of Lexington's hottest young bands. Playing virtually every show they can get on, Gerren, Clif, Patrick, and Del have built up a noticeably loyal fan base in a short amount of time. Combining aggressive guitar riffs and vocals with danceable bass and drum patterns, one could easily compare these kids to At The Drive-In, Les Savy Fav, or Beep Beep." - Ross Compton - The Lexington Project


In Endeavors Italya Self Titled Album - 2006 , Upcoming EP to be released in the summer of 2007
A clip of IEI in the studio:



Formed in 2005, In Endeavors Italya! have gained much deserved respect, recognition, and a group of dance crazed, loyal fans. These four young men are Lexington, Kentucky's hottest band! They pack venues, clubs, and bars and turn any show they play into a dance party. Within the year of 2005, they recorded a self-titled CD including "Enemy", the song that became the teen anthem of their home town. In 2006, the boys finished 2nd place out of 400 bands in 100.1 WKQQ's Decent Exposure Contest. These boys are on their way, and are stopping at nothing to get there. They are currently recording their new EP with producers Duane Lundy and Otto Helmuth, due for release in the summer of 2007. In Endeavors Italya! are on the rise...