Breathing in the dark pop powers of their predecessors, and exhaling lights-down-low post punk rock.


i=it released their debut EP 'Downpipe' on 12" Vinyl through Smiley McSlidey Records in August '08 with another vinyl-only release due in November. They play a brand of post punk minimalism, less concerned with style as it is with feel. They are inspired by the recording feats of Suicide, the brash minimalism of The Cure and the controlled but manic performances of a young Midnight Oil. i=it reinterpret their home recordings with conviction in the live arena.


Cloud 9

Written By: i=it

Arlunda take a look and you'll see...I am vanishing, and I wish to describe it. Having not the key to one's own heart, having not the key, no wonder I am silent.


'Downpipe' 5 track EP. Released on Smiley McSlidey Records in August 08. The single Downpipe can be heard on local Melbourne radio 3RRR and 3PBS.

Set List

Collusion, Cloud 9, Alone In The Grass, Tiny Little Heart, Cryogenically Freeze Me, Sore Eyes-Dark Skies, No Proof, Hospital and Downpipe. Our set is approx. 40 minutes long.