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The best kept secret in music



What do the "press" and "music critics" know anyway? They have to say SOMETHING, it's their job! HOW ABOUT some voluntary, unsolicited remarks left on our website by regular music fans from all over the country? (The public feedback on this page can be independently verified at: "", at the bottom of the page in the public "comments" section). - Isaac & Electric Rising


Wow... I just listened to all the music on your profile and replaced the Carbon Leaf song on my profile with yours. shhh..Don't tell them. I found your profile on their myspace. I'm absolutely possitively buying a ticket to one of your shows someday.

Very good...


Sarah - Sarah in Seattle, WA


isaac~i already told u this, but i cannot get over how amazing and talented u are. corey had been telling me about your music for a long time, but you went above and beyond what i ever expected. i wish you all the luck, and i hope you meet someone that can help you rise to the top because it's obvious that you have worked hard and deserve recognition for what you do. keep corey and i informed of any of your shows, we'll definitely try and be there.
-Janae - Janae in Kirkland, WA

"God I love your voice!"

Hey Isaac! LOVE THE NEW SONG! God I love your voice! Loving the guitar riff towards the end..........and you've written what I think everyday...'despite what I see there's still hope in me'....great song! :)
Bella :) xoxo
- Gabriella, Ontario Canada


I absolutely love The Only One, Isaac. I really wish you would quit taking my thoughts and putting them to song before I get a chance to ;)

Thanks a ton for the inspirational music, and someday I shall get out to Seattle to sit down and have some coffee with ya. - Dave in New Philadelphia, OH


WOW! you're really good. i think i just found a new cd to add to the collection...keep up the good work!!! - Kim in Eure, NC

"Thank you!"

Isaac. I just want to thank you for your song "OKAY" My life right now is a mirror image of this song and it has touched me deeply. I love your music and it is an inspiration to me! Your music is so touching and so real! Please keep doing the things that you do. You are in inspiration to me with your words. You're music id fantastic and your lyrics go beyond any words that I would possibly put in words.

Thank you Isaac! This song is an inspiration to me.

Keep doing what you do! I hope knowing that you've touched at least one sole will give you some gratification in knowing that it means so much to me.

Thank you so much!

Glen - Glen in Brockton, Mass

"I love "Okay"!!!!"

I love "Okay"!!!!! You have such a beautiful voice. I could listen to you all day and never get tired. - Norma in San Antonio, TX

"I just have to say thank you..."

Hello! I just have to say thank you for your wonderful talent. I've been through some emtional times lately and hearing your voice makes me feel so much better, It reminds me of all the beauty in the world. Thank you! XOXO
- Alicia Leigh in Tustin, CA


"Rock Hard Soul", the new LP from Isaac & Electric Rising forthcoming...Preview discs & mp3's available...


Feeling a bit camera shy


Led by prolific(200+ songs, multiple full-length LP's) songwriter and acclaimed vocalist and improvisational guitarist Isaac Barham, Seattle-based "Isaac & Electric Rising" is a soulful jam-band tour-de-force. The funky/jazzy Electric Rising rhythm section is anchored by the Les Paul-master guitarist Jamey "Sonic Diorama" Roberts, the heavy-handed king of the 26" Ludwig drums, Russell "Big Thunder" Schuh, and the blond-bomber of the fretless-bass groove, Joe "68" Andrews. LET'S DANCE: Stand up, and dance with some levity. Strut yourself up a remedy. Cut a rug for serenity. RISE ABOVE and FLOAT, with "Isaac & Electric Rising"...

"In a time when people are becoming more mechanical, many musicians too technical and music nearly literally digital... There is one that will light the torch of true meaning within the vibrations of music and burn it bright so that all may see. Follow the light like a lost soul to heaven, here there is love and life, here you can RISE above it all and it is here your soul can become ELECTRIC."
Join the revolution, be part of ...
Isaac & Electric Rising

For booking and other info: 206-850-6196