BandHip HopPop

it is a very crazy band with mood swings but very fun and easy to get along with


my insperation is eminem,50 cent, dr.dre, jennifer lopez, ashanti, tlc, and the special aaliyah.


Iv'e been hurt

Written By: iesha barnes

1st verse: Iv'e been going all around my life and iv; neva eva felt this way before.The way you treat me and try to make me mourn. Iv'e neva felt this way before. And i'm not gonna eva let you make me mourn.

Intro to chorus: So what am i gonna do about it. Your gonna find out and soon you'll be hurtin'.
Chorus: Idon't want to let you go, want to let you know but,i still know that it's so true that i don't like you. And i know that it's wrong of me but i got to do this, i will get through this.

2nd verse:Iv'e been hurting everyday.And i know that it's gonna change one day.
And i'm gonna prove you wrong.
That i'm gonna make it one day.
I don't want to hear it no more.And i'm gonna show you that i'm right.

Intro to chorus

Bridge: I know that it's so true
I know what i got to do
But i don't want to
I don't want to leave you, no,no

Intro to chorus
Repeat chorus 2x


i don't have any songs out yet.

Set List

a child
miss you