IF has only been together for less than 6 months but they have already pioneered an underground music/art scene in the L.A. area, giving it a Moody-Melodic soundtrack to fill the void that has been left by all the other acts in Los Angeles.


The three core members of IF met during the summer of 2003 at the Stone Tavern, a local Hollywood bar. Lance Sanders (vocals/guitar/keys) was so amazed by the musical performance, that following the show he introduced himself to the eclectic drum and bass duet, known as Ninja Academy. Ninja Academy featuring Joey Maramba (bass) and Rob Shaffer (drums). The initial conversation between Joey and Lance was about their discontent with the current music scene in Los Angeles and their will to remedy the situation.

Lance, who at the time was playing around town as a solo singer-writer, informed Joey that he wanted to record a demo but couldn't find an appropriate drummer or bass player. In hope that Ninja Academy would back him on his demo, Lance handed over a rough mix to Rob and Joey. Lance admits nervously awaiting a response from the Ninja Academy members. "I couldn't sleep well for days, Ninja Academy inspired me more than any band I had ever seen. It sounds cliché but it really spoke to me." Joey and Rob were both moved by Lance's moody-melancholy songwriting style and both happily agreed to play on Lance's demo. During the recording process Joey, Rob, and Lance became better friends and began co-writing new material. The trio later decided to form a new group called IF, taken from a song lyric from their first EP Shield.

"And it crushes me down and it crushes me down inside. I can't explain why my crippled brain runs wild. And it echoes around and pounds inside your head. Only if... Only if."

By the fall of 2003, Joey and Lance had joined forces to embark on their initial mission of sparking a Los Angeles art/music community. Lance was currently living at Hangar 1018, a downtown urban warehouse that would soon become the host for eclectic art venues. Nathan Cartwright, Hangar 1018's Art Director assembled local painters and multimedia artist to display their work at IF's inaugural show. The show was an instant success, all 6,000 square feet of the Hangar was packed with bodies.

Since the inaugural show both IF and the Hangar's popularity continue to grow. The Hangar 1018 continues to hold sold out events and has since started an independent record label that represents some of Los Angeles most creative minds. IF continues to write powerful 'moody-melodic' music that has won them respect from their fans and peers.


Rocking Chair

Written By: Lance Sanders

Yes I finally understand.
Yes it's finally sunken in.
All of the dreams in which I had will soon come down
As this day draws to an end.

I know that I've mistaken
And there's no where I can run
So the sun will lose it's meaning as it does.
As this day comes to a close.

But you cornered me, I couldn't breathe, so I reacted instinctively.
It puzzles me, hypocrisy infects each of us religiously.

I came revealed, I dropped my shield, just to be standing nakedly.
I shed my clothes, became exposed, attention fuels my delivery.
I felt alive, but then I died, when the hope of you finally left my mind.
So I withdrew from all I knew which places me here within my chair I watch.

I watch...
I watch...
I watch...
I watch...

The sun meet the horizon
And the truth say goodnight
My diary has been written it's all spelled out.
As this day goes to sleep.

Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah... good bye
Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah...


Written By: Lance Sanders

growth = ache...
hate = lust...
faith = crushed...
love = blush...

gold = poor...
hope = rich...
bitch = moan...
soul = sold...

(growth = ache...)
Trust me, oh trust me, I wouldn't hurt a fly
But you have crossed me for the last time.

(hate = lust...)
Blueprints of footsteps laminate my mind
For since I left you they've frozen in time.

I know, yes I know, the army draws nearer.
The lies told, the soul sold,
The calm grows, so chill.

(faith = crushed...)
Routine disappointment is stressing out your soul.
Your lack of attention has caused it to roam.

(gold = poor...)
I know, yes I know, the army draws nearer.
Kings snap and walls falls. Faiths out the window.
Envy consumes you and bruises your ego.
It's too late the for the wars begun for everyone.

...it drives me crazy
...it drives me crazy

(hope = rich...)
The colony said we're sick of your rules and of all the abuse.
It's time to make ruins of all that is skewed in favor of one who has made his own rules.
It's time to create.

(bitch = moan...)
And you're scared that the rattles of shadows might actually expose who you are.
When your mind s been scattered and bruised and battered by all you adore.

(soul = sold...)
I know and I know, Tell the truth.
I know and I know, Tell the truth.

All Right (Lords Knows)

Written By: Lance Sanders

So now that you're leaving... today.
And I know you're feeling... my way.
How does it feel?
And why the hell would you stay?
If I could have done it some other way.

The captain said to stay inside
You didn't listen and that's what got us here.
So now we're all fucked up.

It's all right
(lord knows)

Now the dogs are barking... outside I hear them cry.
Gossip hungry neighbors... they turn on and on their porch lights.
What's with all the fuss Lance...
What's with all the noise they ask... they ask
Nothing but I've burst... i say.

It's all right
(lord knows)

The captain said to stay inside
You didn't listen and that's what got us here.
so now we're all fucked up.


1.rocking chair
4.all right (lord knows)
6.cold wind

Set List

Our sets are 35-45 minutes of all original music.