i, fanblades

i, fanblades

 Newark, Delaware, USA

Powerdrone or Avant-Sludge, perhaps? Have you ever wondered what would happen if Sonic Youth grew up obsessed with Black Sabbath? Approximately, you'd have i, fanblades. Two de-tuned, heavy guitars and double-percussion make up one loud and riff-y swamp of a soundscape. It'll loosen your fillings.


i, fanblades (all lowercase or caps) is a polyrhythmic sludge beast, defined by the maniacal pulsations of drummer and blacksmith-like percussionist underpinning the combined thunderous heft of two downtuned guitarists who are just as likely to focus on dissonance as melody or riff. With no bassist, no pretense, no rules, and sometimes with no pre-written material, the audience is guaranteed never to see the same show twice.

Born in the Spring of 2003 as a DIY recording project of Nigel Baum, Matt McDonald, and the core group of punks, freaks, heads, and hangers-on (AKA “The Collective”) frequenting the Tuesday night poetry reading at a local Newark, Delaware art space, the mission at the time was to audibly document the multi-voiced Exquisite Corpse poems that the group was producing at breakneck speed, as well as develop complimentary sound-scapes for these works of seeming insanity. Recording in this fashion continued in fits and starts for the next two years while Nigel and Matt honed that soundscape craft. By 2005, the group had fragmented and Exquisite Corpse production had ceased, but Nigel and Matt had just completed work on the capstone project of the era: “Your Fucked Face Is Sharp and Crhome” (intentionally misspelled), a kind of psychotic magnum opus, generated and inspired by The Collective. Shortly thereafter, J.W., a poet, actor, and percussionist was officially added to the band, and the ‘blades went to work figuring out how to make their special noise in a live setting.

Fast forward to the present: a bricklaying, jazz-trained drummer with a hardcore heart by the name of Chris Fanny has been added to the roster, J.W.’s shifting line-up of toms, African drums, noise-makers, and found percussion has never been more brash and spectacular, Nigel and Matt are playing guitars with huge heavy strings into vintage bass amps to produce a myriad of meaty fuzz riding a plethora of the sweet heavies, but through it all they’ve never lost hold of their poetry and soundscape roots. Their shows have been known to feature songs with no predetermined structure, or scored songs that spontaneously sprout new parts onstage, and always include flashing lights, fog machines, props, flying destructed percussion equipment, and a discord-friendly brand of songwriting influenced as much by doom, drone, and sludge as by jazz, blues, and hardcore.


Your Fucked Face is Sharp and Crhome - [Experimental spoken word concept album. (2003/2004)]

Sunset Manifesto - [Experimental noise Single/EP (2004)]

Live and Underground: Philadelphia - 04.22.06 - [Live album, self-recorded. Early stages of musical development (2006)]

Trireme - [Experimental/concept music EP (2007)]

Damnatio Memoriae - [First in-studio album. (2008)]

Mid-2010 Sampler - [An arrangement of songs, some studio, some home recorded or demo versions. Free to everyone. (2010)]

In Retrospect - [2-song EP. Best 2 songs you will ever hear that will truely give you a taste of all aspects of this band. (09/10/2010)]

ALL RELEASED SONGS CAN BE STREAMED FOR FREE @ http://ifanblades.bandcamp.com/

Set List

Our set list varies from show to show. We generally play only originals for 30-60 minutes depending on the amount of time allotted. Some of our songs are entirely improvised on the spot each time we play, and others have sections that are at least partially improvised. This being the case, exact set times and song lists are usually rough estimates at best.

On occasion, we've been known to cover something from bands like Misfits or Bauhaus or Ween or Floor... but that's a bit of a rarity.