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Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Band Hip Hop


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Ife is more than just an artist. She is a song writer, a daughter, a sister, a mother and a sincere human being who believes that as long as she is devoted to doing right by people and herself she will win. Born in Brooklyn New York to Jamaican parents who were both reggae artists Ife had no choice but to relate to music as an outlet and a voice. At the age of 5 Ife was up rooted from Brooklyn New York to Detroit Michigan where her mother became the first female artist to own and lead in a reggae band. Ife has stated that she always new there was “something” about her that made her different. Despite the fact that her heritage was different than most Natives from Detroit she new that the major difference between her and her piers was something that just couldn’t be pointed out. When people ask Ife what made her know that she wanted to rap her answer is nothing more that a smile and a response that states “when I wrote my first rap I felt powerful; I had never felt so alive in my life”. When asked what music is to Ife she says that its pleasure, pain, joy, hurts, triumphs, regrets, love, hatred, and success. To sum it up in one word to Ife music is life. Ife has been a rapper and song writer since she was 17 years of age. She says that the beauty of her not making it in the music industry right away is that she has grown as a spiritual being who truly values others. “If I would have made it at 17 I believe that I would have disregarded the feelings of others and I would have been lost in the shuffle of the game.” Ife now believes that because her career is rising so quickly it is time for her to show the world what she is made of. She believes that because she not only speaks of the joys of her life but the pains and the lessons learned, people from all walks of life will be able to relate and appreciate her talent. When asked what she wants people to know about her she states plainly “what you see is what you get; it takes too much away from you to be fake.” Ife has proven that she is an artist that can hold her own against most of the men in the industry. She writes all of her own material, she can tongue twist, she has an ear for music, and she can put her own spin on any genre of music. When asked who she thinks is the best in the game at this time. She gives a smirk and says “me.” All I know is that I have been working for a long time and I believe that it’s my turn. I represent the daughters who yearned for a father in the home, I represent the women who wanted to be loved by men who either couldn’t, or just didn’t want to reciprocate love, and I represent the struggle of the ghetto where all you want is a better way of life and will do what ever it takes to make it happen.” Ife stated that she lived in many places and has seen many things. All she wants to do now is show the world what she is made of.