If I Ever See You Out Of Town

If I Ever See You Out Of Town

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

We try to grab the all of things that we love about music and bring it together. Loud instruments, thoughtful lyrics, sweet melodies, and deep instrumentation. Together it comes out sounding something alternative, but we hope it can be pulled apart into something else, too.


If I Ever See You Out Of Town is a five-piece alternative rock band hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio. With a diverse background of inspirations, ranging from Bright Eyes to Dredge, Built to Spill to the Flaming Lips, they unify to form a unique sound that is accessible, yet deep in instrumentation and style. Frontman and lead singer, Matt Vollet, has a long history of writing acoustic music. With a catalogue of over 150 songs written and recorded, the lyrics for the song are often introspective yet relatable, often focusing on major life events and how to move on from them. In December 2011 If I Ever See You Out of Town (at that point a 4 piece) released three songs to the public representing their sound, and in March 2012 they released their first single as a full band, Weight of the World - a schizophrenic track that shows off the diversity of the group, even within one song. From indie rock, to pop rock, to good ol' rock - If I Ever See You Out Of Town is bound to make a lasting impression.


Weight of the World

Written By: If I Ever See You Out Of Town

Is it subtle that I'm hopeless?
I swear it won't show
that I've tried so hard to forget
the things I don't know.
When it all comes down to regrets
I can't remember who's to blame anymore.

So, I'm trying to stay constant
don't let it all change.
Keep it steady, keep it straight yet
don't shoot, no, don't aim.
Even though I've lost on all my bets
I swear that I'm all in again.

The weight of the world is falling fast.
I don't think that it's going to last.
All the time that I spent I want it back
I'll spend it again.
I've been working hard to keep it clean.
Keep it polished baby, make it sheen
but all gets lost at night on the dreams.
I'll dream it again.

Are you nervous that I'd lose it?
Can't hold it too close.
But the pounding down in my chest
tells me I don't know
what I'd do if I confused it
with something totally new. Like you.
So, if this boat is taking huge hits
filling with water
from the holes that I punched through it
don't even bother
taking time to try and commit
sheep to the slaughter like you.


EP - The First Three Songs
Single - Weight of the World

Set List

Not Coming Back
Bad, Bad Man
Weight of the World
When It Rains...
God Only Knows