Sonic Youth vs. Pere Ubu vs. The Fall vs. Prince and his band in a falls-count-anywhere hardcore 16-man tag team match. In a steel cage, because why not.


Put Sonic Youth, Orson Welles, Devo, Prince, Mick Foley, and Nikola Tesla into a wrestling ring for a tables, ladders, and chairs battle royale. Who'd win? Well, Mick Foley, because he actually has the training. But the real answer is "the listening public," because the gigantic universe-defending robot that would rise from the sum of these parts like the vehicle-based Voltron would be IfIHadAHiFi, Milwaukee, WI's cacophonous wall of noise hiding catchy-as-hell hooks, dance beats, and broken bones.

Things never come easy for an antagonistic lot trying to write pop songs by burying them in as much unlistenable discordance as possible. But since 2000, the HiFi has slowly built a loyal core following via two full-length CDs, a split disc with Milwaukee compatriots The Modern Machines, five national tours, an appearance at the 2005 CMJ New Music Marathon, gobs of college radio play and positive press--including a spot in Alternative Press' "100 Bands You Need to Hear in 2005"--as well as an always captivating and combustible live show. If IfIHadAHiFi were a recently-canceled Joss Whedon TV series, the letter-writing campaign to bring them back on the air would be fervent, long-sustaining, and probably a bit vulgar and abusive. But that's the HiFi all over--too annoying and stubborn to go away.


Ones and Zeroes - CD - No Karma Recordings - 2001
No More Music - CD - Contraphonic Recordings - 2004
Hot Nuggets! - CD and picture disc LP - Crustacean Records - 2006 (split with the Modern Machines)
Fame By Proxy - CD - Latest Flame Records - 2008
Miscellaneous compilations that can be found at www.ifihadahifi.net

Set List

Typically we play a furious 35-minute set of 8 or 9 songs with as few breaks in the action as possible. We've been known to play Mission of Burma and Go-Gos covers, but primarily we're ALL ORIGINAL, baby. Song titles include "(The HiFi vs.) Potential Energy," "(This is) The New Science," "I'm In Love With a Girl that Steals," and "Gotta Disappear," which is about killing someone and inventing an invisibility suit to escape detection from the lawman.