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"IF I LIE lead singer features in 'Rock Godesses' Calender"

Calendar Month: December
Band:If I Lie
Position In Band: Vocals
Musical Influences: Sunk Loto, Tool, Down, Alexisonfire, Alice in Chains, Pantera, Metallica,
Guns n Roses, Deftones, Pink Floyd, Chevelle, Eminem, Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden.
Ideal Night Out: Great food, great mates, great live band.
A Few Words About Myself: I love photography, food, travel, movies, nature, animals, performing
and writing music. - Dark Debauchery

"IF I LIE EP release dates!"

Gold Coast heavy rock outfit If I Lie (pictured) are hitting the road over the next few weeks, preparing audiences for theirforthcoming release. With five songwriters in the band, communication and a clear idea of their goal is paramount. Checkthem out at Miami’s Shark Bar on Friday Nov 26 (with Going For Broke, New Skinn, Helm and Syndicate) before dates inCoffs and Toowoomba in early December - Rave Magazine

"IF I LIE Stays True To Their Dreams"

IF I LIE is true to the roots of heavy rock and without a hint of a lie, I was recently lucky enough to spend time with the band in a Gold Coast recording studio.

Lead singer/manager extraordinaire, Heidi Bell, equipped me with tissues to muffle the sound and I'm glad she did as I discovered first-hand what happens when a band gives it their all in a confined space.

Reverberations pulsed through my core.

Besides Heidi, who also plays guitar, the band consists of Ben Ainley on guitar, drums, bass and piano; head drummer Bluey Simersall, who also plays guitar; and Ralph Hallam who, you guessed it, plays guitar, bass and piano.

"Music is my number one passion, I live for it, I just have to do it,'' says Heidi. "If I'm not doing it I just don't feel right. It's kind of like my oxygen.

"To support our music habit, Bluey drives trucks, Ralph sells grog, Ben fixes fridges/aircons, and I'm a photo-technician.

"We are actually currently looking for a new bass player.

"Our most memorable gig, aside from our first because it was just so terrible, would be blowing the roof off the Hard Rock in Surfers.

"Bluey throws up a lot after we play. He gets so hyped up and puts so much into it - it usually makes him sick."

If there's one thing IF I LIE don't do, it's lie to themselves.

They are following their dream and heading off to LA in September to play at the iconic club Whiskey A Go Go.

This esteemed venue has launched the likes of Alice Cooper, The Doors and Jimi Hendrix to name just a few.

Needless to say the band are pumped about this and the ensuing tour from LA right down to Texas.They say they are united by the desire to secure a contract, tour the world and conquer the universe.

In the proverbial words of Meatloaf, the phrase "two out of three ain't bad'' comes to mind as I wish the band every future success and my eardrums reconnect to my mandible.
- Brisbane Times


IF I LIE - self titled debut ep just released!



With their highly anticipated debut EP just released, Gold Coast heavy rock outfit IF I LIE are a force to be reckoned with. Influenced by blues, rock and metal, IF I LIE don’t write to a specific genre and they don’t follow trends. IF I LIE is ‘heavy rock for the 21st century’, with enough edge to distract from the past and look forward to the future. Commitment has been a crucial factor in the success of these five songwriter/musicians with professional music education backgrounds. IF I LIE's shared passion and love for music will see them continue to create and pursue their art, including an American tour scheduled for March 2011. Expect to see and hear plenty more from our little Gold Coast dark horse IF I LIE.