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If It Takes Forever

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Demo - 2012



If It Takes Forever is a rising rock/metal band from Richmond, Virginia. Well known for many things, none exceeding their brutally brilliant, high energy show and virgin tight music. Having only been a band since November 2011 they have wasted no time making a name for themselves having already played with 11 national acts including : Saliva, Emery, 12 Stones, Bobaflex, Icon For Hire, I Am Empire, Royal Bliss,Sent By Ravens, Attaloss, Siva Addiction, and Saint Diablo. The story behind IITF really is the story of its members. To truly know IITF you have to know its members..


Victor Alfonso began singing and playing guitar in a Metallica cover band in high school. However partying and laying more pipe than your neighbors plumber took more of his interest than his early musical beginnings. A few years out of high school, working at a local restaurant, he would meet If It Takes Forever guitarist Matt Poe. Spending Three years together in Victor's first original band, Slay The Silence, he honed in on his skills as a front man. Once STS hung up it's hat Victor moved on with Matt to meet Danny Simpson and Terry Powell in a new band. Already an experienced front man, Victor would learn an entire set with the new band in only a week to play an almost sold out show. From there he perfected his unique eccentric vocal style until leaving the band and leaving the local music scene. A year and a half later, a seemingly meaningless phone call from friend and former band mate Matt Poe would reignite his passion and bring him together with Matt once again and drummer Randall Sykes. He suggested to his new band mates to bring in guitarist Danny Simpson and bassist Terry Powell which would be the finishing touch on the local super group.


When Matt was young he knew he was destined to live his life under the lights. Matt's love for the crunch of an electric guitar started with the Michael Jackson video "Beat It." Matt did not start playing guitar until 1997 when he was 10. He begged his parents for a guitar simply to fit in with other childhood friends that played. Little did he know that he would fall in love with it. Matt played in a number of bands and started making an imprint on the local scene. Matt always stood out; from high school sitting in a classroom with blue hair next to a table tapping classmate (Randall Sykes, IITF drummer) to his high energy antics on stage. While working in a local restaurant Matt met front man Victor Alfonso and together they started making statements along the east coast. After one bands failure, Matt and Vic met Danny Simpson and Terry Powell, who all four played in a new band together. Due to creative differences Matt parted with the band and began a three year musical hiatus. In mid 2011 Matt reunited with former front man Vic and classmate, Randall Sykes to start creating If It Takes Forever. With influences from Sevendust and Flaw to August Burns Red and A Day To Remember, Matt has created his own style and continues to rock stages and breathe inspiration into his band mates and fans alike.


Danny Simpson (lead guitarist) and Terry Powell's (bassist) stories are one in the same. They both began in eighth grade while bored in class where talks began that would set the path of destiny afire! Starting with cheap gear and a mic stand made out of a broomstick, a shoe box, and lots of duck tape they began learning their craft. Danny and Terry put in countless hours practicing and playing in the band Defyance with a friend on Drums. Years later Terry found a second band where he met drummer Johnny Miho who would later join forces with Terry and Danny to ditch all previous efforts and create Seventh7Ghost. Danny (former Defyance front man/ guitarist) chose to focus on guitar and gave up lead vocals. Terry (former Defyance bassist) became Seventh7Ghosts lead guitaist. The search for a new bassist and front man lead them to Matt Poe(bass) and Victor Alfonso(vocals). Little did they know how crucial of a factor this would be in setting the stage for IITF. They felt as though they reached much success in this band, playing regionally and playing with two national bands. Seventh7Ghost simply ended in flames. Danny and Terry would years later reunite with Matt and Vic and new drummer and friend, Randall Sykes, to create the path of Destiny, IITF! Their story continues as IITF continues its climb to the top and destroys stages along the way!


The drummer, Randall, Sykes is extremely dedicated to performing and playing music. Although he has not been playing music as long as the rest of the members, he is unexpectedly talented. Randall has amazing stage presence and strives to be a crowd pleaser. Randall served in the U.S. Marine Corps. for four years and deployed to Iraq in 2007 until 2008. Through all of that and even before all he ever wanted was to be a performer and set the stage ablaze. Although