I Forget

I Forget


very cute, very catchy, very good electro. it's sexy and fun :)


Elenor and Nicole have been producing music for about 5 years and have released a stack of tracks on compilations and also their own albums.

They've played live at huge festivals such as the Big Day Out and Every Picture Tells A Story and toured internationally.

They're massively respected.

They are joined by pianist and songwriter Lucy Tobin.

The combination is magic.


way too many to mention!!
But of special note:
Elenor's solo cds:
"July" (released on GUP)
"Version 1.1" (released on Creative Vibes)
"People Don't Go Out To Get Laid" (independent)
Tracks on:
and uncountable others.

Forthcoming EP : "favorite girl" out Feb 2006.

Set List

favorite girl
what do u want from life
2 dimensions
right now turn around
somebody else (and someone else after that)
strange times
hold on