If These Trees Could Talk

If These Trees Could Talk

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This instrumental five-piece band tries to derive emotion without the use of lyrics by combining three crisp clean guitars that turn instantly into a wall of distorted noise. Filled with soft melodic leads and backed by loud thunderous drums and low pounding bass.


What’s most important in music? Where is the line drawn between mediocrity and something all too different? Enter If These Trees Could Talk. The Trees, in itself, is an instrumental powerhouse signaling a changing of the tide. At one minute quiet and foreboding, and the next, an aural assault on all auditory senses.

“Akron, Ohio's If These Trees Could Talk are probably the biggest musical surprise I've come across this year (media-assualt.com. Sean Caszatt)”.

The Tree’s began as side project of sorts for Zack Kelly. While attending school in Pittsburgh, Kelly needed an outlet for downtime from his studies. He set about recording what would become the framework for the beginning of the Trees. Once these tracks were completed, he began piecing a band together to realize the live versions of what his songs would become.

After a line-up of musicians was solidified, the group worked hard to make the songs as celestial and atmospheric as possible.

“Transfixing, paranoid, agitated, bursting, and revitalizing are just some of the words you could use to describe ITTCT’s self-titled, six-song, 32-minute debut EP through Procedure Records (decoymusic.com, Adam)”.

With a new album (which has sold all over the world, including, Japan, UK, and El Salvador) through Procedure Records and shows all over Ohio under their belt, the Tree’s are ready to branch out and conquer the areas in which their sound has not been experienced.


If These Trees Could Talk
"If These Trees Could Talk" (Sept. 2006)
Available @ CDBABY.COM

Set List

Set list consists of 8-9 songs, all original, set length ranging from 35-45 minutes long.