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"Messylazycrazy Review (Germany)"

If We Were Gods
(3 Chord Pony - 2008)

Dass es Down Under und im nicht weit entfernten Neuseeland Reggae zu hören gibt, ist nichts Neues. Und dass sich dieser Reggae nicht unbedingt der Klischees bedient, die man ansonsten gerne serviert bekommt, ist ebenfalls bekannt und muss daher nicht ausführlicher geschildert werden.
If We Were Gods stammen aus Australien. Mit "MessyLazyCrazy" legen sie jetzt EP vor, die beachtenswert ist. Die Band um den Leadsänger Scott Morgan vermengt Reggae, Dub und Rock zu einer spannenden Mischung. Dabei werden sie im Studio von Backgroundsängerinnen und Bläsern unterstützt, was gute Akzente setzt. Die Titel werden dabei sehr vielschichtig und psychedelisch gebaut und entfalten schon beim zweiten Hören ihren Charme. Gerade das fast hypnotische "Messy", aber auch das sich in der Intensität steigernde "Kings Are Crazy" können vollends überzeugen. Als Publikum stelle ich mir eher ein Reggaevölkchen vor, dass nicht immer nur "Babylon" rufen möchte, sondern Crossovertendenzen und hier insbesondere dem Rock offen gegenüber steht. Die Tracks klingen sehr direkt und nicht durch zu viel Studioschnickschnack glattgebügelt. Das tut der EP sehr gut.

Karsten Frehe

1. That's The Way
2. Messy
3. Lazy
4. Kings Are Crazy

www.threechordpony.com - Irie Ites (Germany)


The CD MESSYLAZYCRAZY has four original compositions written by Scott Morgan and band.

The first track “THATS THE WAY” is a full reggae band sound with horns and lots of Australian reggae feel though out the song and right down to the refreshing sound of a Australian accent on the lyrics instead of trying to sound like a Jamaican.

The next track “MESSY” is a hard Dub with a bit of Bob Marley voice in the background, it is a slow building dub sound that suddenly moves into pure reggae then back to Dub. This leads into the next track “LAZY” very well, as this tracks starts with a bit of a Wailers rhythm then takes off into the IF WE WERE GODS Sound and original lyrics.

The last track “KINGS ARE CRAZY” starts like a sound track to a movie with a voice taking in your head then the lead singer coming in to explain what it is all about.

MESSYLAZYCRAZY is a great debut CD for a up and coming Australian Reggae Band.
- rastainoz.com


Every so often you while listening to music, hairs stand on end and you realise that whats hitting your ears is new and exciting, inventive but more than anything else honest. IF WE WERE GODS debut EP ‘messylazycrazy’ did that to me and continues to with each listen.

This reggae rocker outfit from Melbourne consists of seasoned reggae musos mixed with some of the best of the young brigade coming through the reggae scene in recent years. Scott Morgan writes the tracks however the credits indicate it’s not a one man band. All members have contributed to this unique, new yet comfortably familiar sound, with the reggae vibrations shining through !

More than anything else, the most refreshing element is how this Australian act has stayed true to the genre without subscribing to cringe-worthy false Jamaican accents, a true sign of self-belief and worth.

Through-out the EP you hear glimpses of Wailers rhythms, dubs worthy of Lee Scratch Perry himself, samples that could easily have been lifted from an ON-U track, however it still retains its uniqueness. The last track ‘KINGS ARE CRAZY’ is an 8 minute journey that has to be taken. The opening samples stating ‘Governments are no longer servants of the people’, the lyrics telling us the Kings are Crazy while the bands groove is a foundation shaker.

This is a fantastic debut release by IF WE WERE GODS, but 4 tracks wont hold me for long. Bring on the album Gods! - byronbayreggaeclub.com

"Gods in Byron Bay"

IF WE WERE GODS finally make it to Byron Bay, playing the Beach Hotel on Friday 18th April.

After playing to huge enthusiastic crowds at The Port Fairy Folk Festival recently, IWWG’s live set is getting feet jumpin’ where ever they play. Blending their original songs with some crowd favourites, their set unites one and all with grooves that shake the foundations.

With the band in production for their upcoming album, they have decided to interrupt all recordings to make it up to Byron for this one and only show, before returning to Melbourne to complete recordings.

“Why wouldn’t we? Man, although recording is a blast it can be tiring. Playing a gig up the Nth Coast was a no brainer with all very excited by it.” explains Nic ‘Lazyman’ Heraclides. “Scott and I played at the Beach Hotel about 5 years ago when we were with Jah Roots and it went off, remember it well, so to take the GODS up will be a lot of fun, can’t wait actually.”

With fantastic reviews of their debut EP messylazycrazy nationally and abroad, IWWGs plan on the release of their debut album late in 2008 but will continue to play the odd gig around the country during the recording process.

“Man, you have too! In fact when we first started playing we thought the only album releases we would do would be live ones. We had no idea how we could capture the energy in the studio, which I guess is an issue for every act. However, not being a ‘Video Hits’ type of act this idea was incredibly appealing. Who knows, we might even have to go back to that idea if these sessions sound like crap but luckily, so far, its all cool. To do gigs during recording definitely gives one a truer perspective but man, who doesn’t love playing live!“.

IF WE WERE GODS play the Beach Hotel on Friday 18th April. - Byron Shire News





IWWG's was first born in 2004, however numerous other musical projects got in the way until enough was enough and Scott pulled stumps on all, too return to his first love...reggae!

Scott and Nic have been involved in the Australian reggae scene since the late 80's (playing in numerous bands and venues including the old Reggae Survival Club). In 2004 they got together and started writing for the band and continued too as many other musical projects (e.g. STROLL, Randy and Jah Roots) came and went. 2007 is where it went from ideas to the CD to the stage.

With IWWGs first EP release 'MESSYLAZYCRAZY', the band is here to stay.

IWWG's slip seamlessly from roots to dub to rock, taking the audience on a journey that is over only way too soon. With haunting lyrics to grooves that shake foundations, all that hear will understand the message of unity!

MESSYLAZYCRAZY has received fantastic reviews all over the world, however it is the live set that sets IWWGs apart from most acts. With strong compositions, the musicianship rises all songs to new level each time the band performs. All that see the show leave knowing they have just witnessed something special.

IWWGs played one of Australia's largest festival in March 2008, playing to huge enthusiastic crowds.

'Having the crowds singing our songs was something I was not expecting. Some of the most emotionally moving shows I have ever performed.', relates Scott Morgan. ' You tend to get feedback from everyone, your neighbour, corner store shopkeeper....but its the crowds that tell you you are doing something right.

2008 will see IWWGs play all over Australia and late in the year will return to the studio to finish their debut album.

If there can be any certainties in the world of music, it is this, IF WE WERE GODS are here for the long haul. One song will tell you its right!

One World - One Love