IWWGs is a rootsy dub rocker outfit that hail from Melbourne, Australia. All original compositions unite the band with the audience, playing roots but talkin straight in these trying times of deceit! Backed by a mighty horn section and punchy backing vocals, IWWGs stands up proud and loud!


IWWG's was first born in 2004, however numerous other musical projects got in the way until enough was enough and Scott pulled stumps on all, too return to his first love...reggae!

Scott and Nic have been involved in the Australian reggae scene since the late 80's (playing in numerous bands and venues including the old Reggae Survival Club). In 2004 they got together and started writing for the band and continued too as many other musical projects (e.g. STROLL, Randy and Jah Roots) came and went. 2007 is where it went from ideas to the CD to the stage.

With IWWGs first EP release 'MESSYLAZYCRAZY', the band is here to stay.

IWWG's slip seamlessly from roots to dub to rock, taking the audience on a journey that is over only way too soon. With haunting lyrics to grooves that shake foundations, all that hear will understand the message of unity!

MESSYLAZYCRAZY has received fantastic reviews all over the world, however it is the live set that sets IWWGs apart from most acts. With strong compositions, the musicianship rises all songs to new level each time the band performs. All that see the show leave knowing they have just witnessed something special.

IWWGs played one of Australia's largest festival in March 2008, playing to huge enthusiastic crowds.

'Having the crowds singing our songs was something I was not expecting. Some of the most emotionally moving shows I have ever performed.', relates Scott Morgan. ' You tend to get feedback from everyone, your neighbour, corner store shopkeeper....but its the crowds that tell you you are doing something right.

2008 will see IWWGs play all over Australia and late in the year will return to the studio to finish their debut album.

If there can be any certainties in the world of music, it is this, IF WE WERE GODS are here for the long haul. One song will tell you its right!

One World - One Love



Written By: Scott Morgan

So you feeling let down
Feeling you're the only one
Face down on the canvas and you cant go on
Looking at the pieces but they just don't fit
Listening to the voices, they go on and on
You're not the only one

What if they'd to tell you theres no sun and no moon
And E=MC squared was far from the truth
What if they'd to tell you theres no certainty
And the beauty is that - thats the way that things are s'posed to be

In this changing world we live in
We are told whats wrong or right
Stand up for what you believe in, I say
You gotta stand up and fight it

Thats the way that it
The way thats its meant to be

Its time to try your new voice, on a boat built for 2
And you climb on board to sail towards the truth
As we hit the horizon, theres so many more
People saying something - Just Give Peace A Chance

Its the same ol' world but the rules have all change.
Don't believe in what they're selling,
you got to believe in yourself

Thats the way that it
The way thats its meant to be
So you feeling like you cant go on
Looking for the pieces, the only one is yourself so turn around.
I don't have to see

As the new day dawns we'll grab each others hands

Thats the way that it
The way thats its meant to be



Set List

IWWGs show can vary from 5 songs that blend their original tracks with dub improvs that take their audience away with them - to 14 songs slapped back to back for a trip that doesn't let any soul escape.

From time to time the band will cover a obscure song (e.g. I SHALL BE RELEASED - B. Dylan) but only in a IWWG's style, taking all listeners by surprise