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…sounds like an improbable mash-up of some imaginary avante-jazz album, a thirteen-year old jamming for the first time ever on his guitar, and those ambient segues on My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless only all played at the same time and backwards. - Skyscraper Magazine

This is, without a doubt, the strangest release that we have yet to hear on the esoteric Clairecords label. We Will Gently Destroy You is a strange album indeed. The best way we can describe the sound of this CD is to say...that it sounds like two (or possibly three) different CDs are playing at the exact same time. This band's arrangements are decidedly unconventional and strange. ….Strangely dreamlike and hypnotic, this is an album that is bound to confuse writers and fans. And in this day and age...when most folks feel as if they've seen and heard everything before...that is a real accomplishment. …Sometimes sounds kind of like a cross between The Cocteau Twins and a toned down Skinny Puppy (???!!!) - lmnop.com

They lull you into a false sense of security with moments of serenity and apparent optimism before swiftly pulling the rug from under your feet with unnerving tempo and key changes alien to the conventional output of the mainstream conveyor belt. ---- Kieran Gilchrist - UK Music Search

Shimmers beautifully fine-sculptured to every smallest detail …wriggling on the irregular time and almost dizzy modulations might-be-inspired from prog-rock or avant-garde music. Strong recommendation for enterprising listeners with daring spirit, especially for those who don't believe in the future of shoegaze. Pick up and wake up. ---- Kaori Shuto - CD Journal (Japan)

Ifwhen, the very name itself implying what’s coming next, seeks to shatter that ordinariness, shatter what makes you feel comfortable. Headf#%k you, to put it bluntly. This is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s as fresh as fresh can be because it makes you see the world through new eyes. ----- Ben Malkin - Perfect Sound Forever

The instrumentation almost sounds as if the individual band members are playing different songs that somehow manage to occasionally align. The balance is well-realized and very well executed. - soundsect.com


2005 - Self Titled Debut (LP)
2007 - We Will Gently Destroy You (LP)
2008 - Split 12" with dälek



Formed by Merc, a founding member of All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors - Ifwhen have taken the idea of "shoegaze" to a different level. All but completely abandoning the genre title, Ifwhen have reinvented their predecessors' ideas of walls of sound to create something far less gentle and soothing. Instead, their wall of sound overlap, twisting and turning through different time signatures and key changes. At times, it almost sounds as if they’re all playing separate songs. Its somewhat deliberately disorienting. Although it can mess with your head a little if you let it, its not all about discord. Gentle vocals and melodic hooks float about the songs managing to consistently keep them slightly pretty around the edges. Amidst the commotion, somehow it all makes just enough sense. Convincing you to find that normalcy is just another part of their equation. There may not be any obviously logical way to know where each song will be going so they just want you to trust them – that they will somehow get there. Their live show includes a real time visual controller onstage - who is manipulating images in time that are being projected over the band.