IG is a project originated by the encounter of Gianni Maroccolo musician, arranger, composer and founder of artistic projects of musical avant-garde with the young singer-songwriter Ivana Gatti. A project of quality music whit particular, “intelligent” lyrics.

Gianni Maroccolo, the istory of the rock “made in Italy”, one of the main rock expression in the last 25 years. Founder of famous Italian rock bands such as Litfiba, CSI, PGR and producer of various artist (CCCP, Yo Yo Mundi, Statuto, Marlene Kuntz, Timoria, Piero Pelù, Jovanotti, Carmen Consoli, etc.) composer and author of soundtracks for movies and theatre.

Ivana Gatti, young Italian singer-songwriter collaborating since more than 10 years with live projects and recording studios looking for a precise identity, recently reached with the IG project for which she composes the music, wrote the lyrics and sing.

“IG” is a “work in progress”… it doesn’t recall to consolidated artistic schools, the music is full of rarefied melodies, fluid ballads embellished by sharp notes.

Half way between past and future, continuously experimenting during the two-years life of the project, boasting an high number of concerts all over Italy as well as in some European countries and the release of the mini-LP “Resta” followed by “Il linguaggio delle Murene”, audio and rom tracks of video-clip (available on-line only).

Within a short time “IG” will release her first album “Bastian Contrario” including 11 tracks + dvd with 11 video-art directed by Fabio Iaquone, underlining the evocative images of the music which will be the scenography of the live performance of the album launching.


MiniLP - "Resta"
Album - "Bastian Contrario"