Ignite and Imagery

Ignite and Imagery

 Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
BandHip HopSoul

True school hip hop/soul with an MC/Producer who plays keyboard or bass while he simultaneously raps and an MC/Soul Singer who plays drums while he raps and sings. The sound is like The Roots, Little Brother, and Wu Tang in a baked out Cadillac. The wordplay is mind boggling, the flow is melodic.


Ignite and Imagery is a North Carolina hip hop group that sounds like Wu Tang, Little Brother, and The Roots bumping in a baked out Cadillac. With an MC/producer who plays keyboard or bass on stage while rapping, and an MC/ soul singer who plays drums while vocalizing, and an occassional trumpet player; the live shows are not to be missed. Their new album Gimmick Free is an offering of lyrical acrobatics with a focus on smooth, melodic flows that compliment the beat. The aim is to please the ears of music fans who might not care so much about lyrics, while still dropping the jaws of fellow lyricists. The beats, mostly by Ignite Mindz, range from beautiful soul to the sinister classical, to funked out, to jazz, to rock. The album flows well as a whole. It's just two crazy fuckers from Winston-Salem who love hip hop and making music. NC has some incredible hip hop artists and I&I is happy to be a part of this scene.
Check our videos:

Ignite and Imagery soul and hip hop on keys and drums http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGu5LcfnFZc

Billy Jean Freestyle on Piano and Drums: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VznNPo8EtAw

Ignite and Imagery Skate/Music Video:



Ignite and Imagery: Thoughts LP
Ignite Mindz: Psychological Warfare LP
Ignite and Imagery: NDPNDNT MVMNT mixtape
Ignite and Imagery: Gimmick Free LP

Set List

we have played 3 hour sets and everything in between. We use an acoustic drum set, a keyboard (direct or XLR), a bass guitar (direct), and need three microphones.