Ignorantia Legit

Ignorantia Legit


Crossover about rock folk wave, all in italian style


Ignorantia Legit is a project that was founded in 2003 by melting Fezza Tribale Bassist and Guitarist Fulvio Spada Emiliano Rapiti kidnapped seek to blend their past experiences and their different influences to create an original sound while remaining basically rock in Italian. The lyrics are exclusively in Italian sometimes intimate and sometimes critical of the society around us. In 2008 starts a collaboration with drummer Michele Gisonni already Contromano Joe, which was consolidated in 2009. Also in 2009 coming into contact with Antonio Molinari, former Wild Shooter Band, with whom complete some tracks on their first demo "DemoZeroNove" and who is performing live. In March 2010, the trio returns to the initial training to advance their project.




Set List

I padroni dell'impero
inferno personale
il senso
giudizio universale
povero me
ti perderai
ignoranza capitale