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Igor Aleinik

Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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A few months ago I received a demo from Igor Aleinik, a Russian heavy metal head, now based in Melbourne. Two weeks later, via registered post, I signed for a demo direct from Russia itself from one Maxim Batov (pictured). Wow, I though, the Russians are coming!

Their music couldn’t be anymore different.

Igor Aleinik has a finished album called Gods of War all ready to go and it was recorded in St Petersburg in Russia and Toronto in Canada. It starts off with a folksy carnival polka that makes you believe you are listening to some authentic gypsy band, but then along comes ‘Alligator Son’ which starts off with a high pitched metal scream that goes on for 12 seconds over the drums before the rifferama takes over. It’s pretty much that way for the rest of the album, give or take a lighter-waving ballad here or and there. Guitar solos that would make Eddie Van Halen get all pee-shy. More chunky riffs that would send Metallica back to pre-school. Maybe the song titles will give you an idea of the slopes Igor traverses: ‘Deathrider’, ‘The Phoenix’, ‘Time To Kill’, ‘Burn In Hell’, ‘Lonely Rider’, ‘When the Smoke Gets Cleared’. You get the picture. Unfortunately there is no picture of Igor. But we’re sure he’s tough…like his music. ‘Falling Stars’, in particular, was a standout. Credit where credit's due: All the smokin' lead guitar (except on one track) by Mark Davies and Andrew Dyatloff.

And like I said, a couple of weeks later via a knock on the door by a postie I had to sign for! was Maxim Batov’s cd, which I can only describe as cheesy, schmaltzy instrumentals. What you get is electric piano over what sounds like casio drum beats and the occasional synth bass to help it along. Maxim says in his bio: ‘I play professionally on many tools, but actually and in the soul the composer, I love tool music and songs. I love music!!!' In Moscow many groups use my songs.’ It took me a while to work out what he meant by ‘tool’ and I’ve finally cracked it: instrument. He can play any instrument and loves instrumental music. -ND

- Half a Cow records


Selected Solo Discography: -
Kill The Rapper(2002)
Rock And Roll Revenge(2004)
Never Give Up EP (2005)
Gods Of War(2006)



Igor Aleinik - Singer, Songwriter and Multiinstrumentalist. Born in St. Petersburg, Russia. Wrote his first song at the age of 14. Graduated from Music College named after Rimskiy-Korsakov in 1990 with major in classical piano. Been through a variety of local bands starting early 1990s, Revolver, Thriller, Dynasty, Steel Crown to name a few, doing keyboards at first then switching to lead vocals. Numerous local gigs. 2 studio records with Steel Crown in 1995 and 1997, some FM airplay. Moved to Toronto, Canada in 1998. Briefly attended Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto to upgrade the vocal skills. Recorded several solo albums in a home studio during 2001-2006. Appeared in local commercials, as well as recorded vocals for them. Moved to Melbourne, Australia in October 2006 after becoming frustrated and disillusioned with the rap and hip-hop dominated North American society. Currently lead singer and primamy songwriter for Melbourne based metal band "Dark Phoenix"