Igor's Egg

Igor's Egg

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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Somewhere at the cross-space of rock anthems, epic science-fiction tales, funky dance grooves, mind-blowing improvisation, and orchestral melodies lives Igor's Egg. This Philadelphia phenomenon performs progressive rock, at its best. The various backgrounds of each member blend together to create a truly memorable and original musical experience.

Igor's Egg started with a dream, a higher concept, a world-scape unfolding through music. While musical story-telling has existed for thousands of years, Igor's Egg has taken it to another level. The music can be appreciated by an audience of all ages, but for the fan who is looking for something more, then, they've found the right band. The music tells the story of the history of the planet Amaris. Listeners can rock out to the band and also appreciate the underlying story and references that take place throughout the set. Igor's Egg produced their first album, "The Ultimate Tuh" in 2008, which is a prequel to the upcoming Amaris trilogy. So get ready for a sci-fi adventure that will blow your mind!

Igor's Egg is a 5-piece progressive rock ensemble featuring electric violin, guitar, keyboards/synths, bass, drums, and vocals. Since arriving in Philadelphia in 2009, the band has gained a dedicated following playing in some of the best music rooms and festivals in the Northeast. The live show is powerful and animated, full of lights, images and sounds which will transport you to another dimension.


Dimension 2x^2

Written By: Igor's Egg

Hogs Pogs, Horsechips!

I'll tell you 'bout a fragile foreign place
Where life exists without form or shape
Sit down, turn around and welcome
to Dimension 2X^2

Matter is bunk and the air is opaque
Shadows of energy transverse and percolate
Sit down, turn around and welcome
to Dimension 2X^2

The Ultimate Tuh!!!!


Written By: Igor's Egg


If you listen closely you will hear,
A story about a garage with a band,
A diabolical man with a plan,
Phil, Ted, Lucas, and Jorge,
Struggled to be a Band,
But they don’t have any fans.

Horsechips Ho!

Phil, I don’t think things are working out
We need to talk, Right now
You are unsuccessful, and you’re goin nowhere
You need to know, that I am leaving town

We’ll Sign!

The Quest for the Ultimate Tuh

Written By: Igor's Egg

Checked our wallets, socks and shoes, and looked for the answer
Scoured the desert and sailed the ocean

We checked the sietch, we asked a priest, the Dali Llama told us to seek
Into our hearts but nothing’s there

And in no time we steal the rocket
Steered to luna on an ancient evening
Riding the sun down,
Headed for the sky

Mr. Pogs

With newborn eyes and weightless brains we look through the porthole
Scoured the ages and sailed the light waves

The mustard seed is greater than me, but infinite nothing teaches to seek
The colors we cannot perceive.

They say revelations and extra-demons running away from an ancient evening
Riding the sun down, and a picture of a sound


Oh well, never underestimate the power of doubt,
Oh well, never sure what questions to ask and when.


Written By: Igor's Egg

Hey we have found it, the ultimate tuh now
In 2x^2,
We fuhed it, we nyehed it, the ultimate tuh

Here the shadows blend and glow together they’re
Creating sound,
We fuhed it, we nyehed it, the ultimate tuh

Pogs, your greedy scheme hasn’t worked out now
You’re in the ground,
We fuhed it, we nyehed it, the ultimate

Yeah, let’s party with the energy shadows now
They’re all getting down,
We fuhed it, we nyehed it, the ultimate tuh

We will stop the prototype from eating you,
Attack of the CD,
We fuhed it, we nyehed it, the ultimate tuh

Phil, Ted, and Jorge get into the rocket now
It’s time to save the world,
We fuhed it, we nyehed it, the ultimate

Nice to meet you energy folk
Up into space with a burst of smoke,
The ship got lost navigation broke,
Fear hit the crew and nobody spoke
No map or guide with direction home
Phil and the guys meditation ome
There’s no more food all that’s left is soap
Horsechips the band were losing all hope



Written By: Igor's Egg

Mr. Pogs

With a big, big, big, big, big, big, big hat.
He's got a big, big plan
For a big, big band
with a big, big, big, big, big, big, big garage
Gonna give 'em a big, big sound,
For a big, big crowd.
And it's a big, big, big, big, big, big, big lie


Written By: Igor's Egg

I'm on a murderous rampage
(Pog's goin' down)
I've got Pogs' on the ground
(Cogs slowin' down)
I'll kill those Horsechips
(Chips in the mulch)
Now I see you crying

I killed a cat, decapitated your friend's new llama
busting heads down at the
You look so smart.
So very clean.
Let's see how you look after I massacre this
herd of sheep
I am the Prototype!
Gonna stick it to you
sodomize and hypnotize is what I've come to do.
I'm an equal opportunity killing machine!
Black and red, white or green
I just want your spleen!
I'll pull it through your nose and
(??) down your throat.
Peel off your skin and
feed it to The King...
of England.
Then I'll slay his bitch ass, too.
Sodomized, transmogrified
I'm coming after you!

Energy Exponent

Written By: Igor's Egg

Earth can stop at the feet of the pale reflection of the birth and maybe apples caught the notion.
The kingdoms pass through the breeze when you finally figure where you are the minute the eye would walk away from.

Nostalgia and self gratification will fall when the womb starts to bail.
You’ve got a lantern to learn of what the sun can see now.
And when you thought the Ultimate Tuh would adhere to the concept of strife and prevail.
You’ve got a lantern to learn of what the sun can see now.
Heal your own light.

Energy Exponent. In Seas of Omen

Sincerely, Dr. Sagemore

Written By: Igor's Egg

Finally back and at home in Amaris
We land in the future
and history passed us

The cogs have all stopped turning now.

The sun is now setting
on ruins of gears
For thousands and thousands
and thousands of years

Its nothing we can sing about.

Our city of wheels
that we’re trying to save
billions of people
have gone to their graves

Did we think we’d be heroes now?

Surrounded by jungle
and monsters of night
A quaint little village
afraid of the light
But there’s still people living now!

When the gears have all crumbled and darkness has passed.
And civilization
returned to the grass.
And all is forgotten
and there is no past.
I leave you these words
so that you may outlast
The jungles and deserts and beasts of your world
That once you had
conquered and tortured.

Sincerely, Dr. Sagemore


"The Ultimate Tuh" - 2008

- Featured review on Tunereviews.com in March 2009.

- Feature article on Igor's Egg @ Geekadelphia.com

- Igor's Egg and the Ultimate Tuh were voted finalists for jambands.com "New Groove of the Month" in November and December 2008.

- The Ultimate Tuh is now being played on HomegrownradioNJ.org and several college and internet radio stations across the country.

- Is now being played on RadioFreeIthaca.net

- Is played on Bucks County College Radio, Burlington County College Radio, Drexel University Radio, etc.

- Awakening was a Finalist for the 2007 International Song writing competition.

- The Ultimate Tuh has been played on WMPR in Florida, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Set List

Igor's Egg can play a set of any length, but has earned a name for its epic 2 set long shows.

Current original songs in rotation:

Dimension 2X^2
Mellon Seeds
The Ultimate Tuh
The Quest for the Ultimate Tuh
Left Behind
Manatees of Nyeh
Hell in the Home
Fergeson's Pancakes
Fergeson's Return
Saving the Princess
Attack of the Prototype
Musk Ox Box
Energy Exponent
Jambi the Genie
The Nintendo Song
Dr. Zoophagus
12 Tone Bazooka
Sincerely, Dr. Sagemore
Barbaloot Suits
Mr. Hogs Pogs' Conspiracy
Hungry Ghost
Taking Me Back
What's in a Tuh
Mr. Backwards

For covers, the Egg keeps things fresh while playing the songs everyone knows and loves. "What if the Talking Heads covered Superfreak? What if Rick James and MC Hammer collaborated with the Ninja Turtles?"

LA Woman (The Doors)
Echoes (Pink Floyd)
Time (Pink Floyd)
Long Distanc