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"No-Fi Magazine"

by Taryn Nesbit

“I know what I like and this is it. Igor Spectre is everything a rock & roll band should be: absolutely fun, diverse, able to handle a David Bowie cover song (’Ziggy Stardust Redux’), a Tom Waits-ian dirge (’Woe Is Me’) and the best song about aimless vampire-aspiring Goths (the stellar ‘Fangs Out First’) with equal aplomb and a kickass live show. ‘We Miss The Russians’ is that rare album that captures the band’s live performance energy well.” - No-Fi Magazine

"Reminiscent of The Damned"

by Daemon Chadeau (Izevl/Demons in Exile/Rebel Alliance)

The other CD I’m reviewing this week is from a band I saw live this past week called IGOR SPECTRE, and the CD is called “We Miss The Russians.” The beginning of the disc is very reminiscent of The Damned, and continues throughout the record with a more Cramps and Fields of The Nephilim-like feel. However, they’re not afraid to throw in some of the goth sounds of the 80’s into their music as well. There’s even a deathpunk version of David Bowie’s classic “Ziggy Stardust” on here. Braxus Bane’s guitar work is incredible and the brooding voice of Robert James has that Dave Vanian style, but a sound all his own. The recording quality is okay, as what you’d expect from a deathrock record. Igor Spectre is definitely one of those bands to look out for, and I give this disc a 4 out of 5 bats.

The last stop on the Darker Side rampage would happen the next night at Alex’s Bar. Keeping the old-school flavor from the past week, Long Beach’s favorite punk and greaser dive would feature old-school punk legends from the UK known as NEW MODEL ARMY. But first up was a deathrock band called IGOR SPECTRE. I got there halfway through their set, and from what I saw I liked. They had the sparse crowd into it and played their hearts out up there. This is wahy I said earlier to keep an eye out for this band because you’ll be hearing about them a lot within the scene. - Rock City News - Los Angeles


by XK13

The past year I have stumbled across many excellent bands mostle due the amazing talent we have here on the World Horror Network. Myspace.com is also a great way to discover bands that may suit your interests. I came across Igor Spectre a couple months ago looking at random peoples profiles on Myspace. So I took a listen to their song “Beautiful Dead Little Girl” and I was hooked! I Downloaded all their other songs and loved them as well. They’re blend of 70’s and 80’s rock and dark humor reminded me of something I would put into a cheesy 80’s horror movie, and after a little while longer of listening I found myself wanting to wonder around cemeteries and show up random peoples funerals just for the fun of it. After contacting the band to curse at them for my new addiction they we’re kind enough to send me their EP Beautiful Dead Little GIrl. What a bunch of nice guys! Some of their inspirations inlude, The Damned, The Pixies, T-Rex, and The New York Dolls.

“Take your fangs out and suck on this!” Shouts a banner on their myspace site. Igor Spectre pokes fun at lots of gothic cliches. The new debut album release WE MISS THE RUSSIANS from Igor Spectre is here! And it is EXCELLENT! Imagine a CD full of fun gothic rock n roll, gothic lyrics and vocals, with a touch of surf sound, and a humor about the whole thing! My favorite songs being PolterGuy which is about a man who’s skull is crushed with a hammer, and his body is thrown into a Mississippi river, only to come back to life as Polterguy and takes revenge on his assailents. “I found the man with a hammer, I plucked his eyes out with a fork.” Can’t you see the Troma style B movie plot in the song? EXCELLENT! The entire CD is packed with haunting, gothic rock, and dark humor. This band of four from Hollywood California is definitly worth checking out. - World Horror Network

"Deathrock.com Review of Igor Spectre's EP"

by Mark Splatter, Originally Posted on Deathrock.com

This is gothic rock in its most literal form – quite competent if not extraordinary rock and roll with a surf slant to it. Sprouting from that foundation are juts of gothic guitar and organs as well as morose but slapstick lyrics that all come together to form a handful of really great songs! Igor Spectre pokes fun at gothic cliché’s that’ll have you laughing your fangs out. Its got camp, wit, and excellent musicianship with catchy hooks! Their full album pre-release which I was forwarded as well is just as good and promises to usher in many entertaining moments! - Deathrock.com


Beautiful Dead Little Girl (EP), We Miss The Russians (LP), Tramps In Stereo (LP)



Igor Spectre gives LA guitar rock a kick in the pants and turns it up to 12. Inspired by the likes of The Damned, Meatloaf, Marc Bolan, Joan Jett, The New York Dolls, and many others, Igor’s been blazing new trails of rock bombast since forming in 2000. With a repertoire of infectious, well-crafted songs ranging from all-out electric vintage punk to paint-peeling surf insanity to malevolent carnival rock, Igor Spectre’s been called “Barnabus Collins Meets Dinner Theater” and manages to blow the roof off every venue they play.