igor vs. rogi

igor vs. rogi

 Bogotá, Bogota D.C., COL

We are Things are not Life and we are here to tell you that Things are not Life. We believe in the power of rock albums.
Remember how it felt the first time you listened to "Rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust" by Bowie, or "Kind of magic" by Queen, or "In Utero" by Nirvana and thought, man, this sounds huge…
Thats how we think music should be, powerful. That is how we make or music.


The problem with being an only-child is that you make up imaginary friends to play with you. The good thing with being an only-child is that you make up imaginary friends to play with you.

I've played with lots of bands over the past 10 years and I would always be the "swiss knife" in every project.

- This song has some sequences, an intro on guitar and violin at the end, can you do that?
- Mmmm, ok.

Most of the times I could not do as much as I wanted but as time went by I got better at doing lots of thing by myself. Singing, playing synths, changing to guitar at the middle of the verse soon became easy for me. I've even gone to control lightning on my shows.

When I finished my first album with Zelfish Perez (www.zelfishperez.com), there where a bunch of songs that didn't fit the bands mood so I cut them from the record and kept them to myself. Some years later I was talking to my mother about how I was not going to do anything with those songs because I hated the idea of searching for musicians, doing auditions, dealing with some bass players "issues", etc.

She told me:

- And why is it you don't pay by yourself? You are always doing strange things with instruments, I'm sure you can figure something out.

And because a mother knows best I started working on igor vs rogi. I played a few local gigs. Some friends liked it, and introduced me to other friends which got me some other gigs outside my hometown (Bogota, Colombia). I did the soundtrack for a documentary and that ended having me play a small tour on the US. Last winter I went on my first european tour, playing for friends in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris and Rome.

I love the studio, however I always felt igor vs rogi was supposed to be about what a single man (+ all his childhood imaginary friends) can accomplish so everything I've recorded is on a single take, no overdubs. This means I have to write songs specifically for my playing strengths. I love a good challenge.

On stage I just try to have fun, mix it up, try stuff and show my friends a good time. I'm currently learning to make my own videos as well.


2007 - Handbook para un Pequeño Dictador
2008 - Celebremos mi Gloria: 12 Himnos de poca Fé y mucha Alabanza
2013 - Third Flock

Set List

I play for about 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the improvisation.

- 20,000 dolares por un cadáver
- White Lady
- Hard Walk
- Maneater (Cover)
- Shallow Grave
- Di
- Improvisation
- Third Flock