Toronto, Ontario, CAN


Formed in Toronto, Canada in 2010, I.H.A.D. presents the spirit of punk through a mix of pounding rock, gritty melodic vocals, and straight-ahead storytelling and commentary. I.H.A.D. is focused on sincerity of expression in music and lyrics. I.H.A.D.'s founders, Jamie Matsukubo and Jay Smith, went to high school together in Winnipeg, Canada. They played in several bands in that city's punk scene in the late 80's and early 90's. Having reconnected in Toronto after many years, Jamie and Jay return to punk with a fresh perspective. I.H.A.D. released its first album - "I Had A Dream" - in September 2010.


2010 - "I Had A Dream" (LP)

Set List

Wake Up
Fame and Fortune
Orlando Zapata
Johnny and Jackie
Common Goal
Stop It Right Now
You're Wrong
Your House