I Hate You, Mr. Samsa

I Hate You, Mr. Samsa


I Hate You, Mr. Samsa's music can be best described as: chaotic, minimalistic, and referential.


I Hate You, Mr. Samsa is one of the latest conceptual acts to emerge in Calgary’s music scene. Fronted by 20-year-old Travis Lacroix the band is composed of himself and his various internal personalities, each of which make appearances in different songs...LaCroix uses his struggles with anxiety, depression and an internal collection of different moods to his advantage, and his plights transfer nicely into the music he creates. Although the content has a whimsical, almost melancholy feel, the tone is surprisingly sanguine.

- taken from an interview with Beatroute


"These Results are for the Best, EP" - recording

Set List

sets vary, we currently have about 2 1/2 hours of music to choose from for a set list...if the set is longer than 45 minutes, we like to throw a cover or 2 in there as well.