I Have Heroic Dreams

I Have Heroic Dreams

 Glen Cove, New York, USA


I Have Heroic Dreams is a music project with siblings Phil (vocals, guitar, violin, percussion) and Vanessa Kong (vocals, percussion), started in Los Angeles. Currently both living in NY, and with their long history has musicians and singers, I Have Heroic Dreams is working on their first digital release. Often working on a song without the required instruments, everyday objects become instruments. Listen for a slinky, a bag of rice, a couch cushion, or a glass with safety pins, and other various items. This has become a focus for the band, trying to only use real instruments to provide melody and harmonies, while as much of the percussion as possible is created through other means.

Phil was formerly a part of Brownnote, with brother Alex, an off-shoot of the Staten Island rock trio Durtneck who made a splash in the NY rock scene in 2004-2006.

Vanessa was formerly with Lesser Lights, a Bay area acoustic folk group made up of individuals from other projects connected to Oberlin College.