I,heart is a young, energetic and talented indie rock/emo band based out of Northwest Indiana. After being a huge success within their music scene, i,heart is willing and ready to venture out of their backyards to see what their future in music has in store for them.


Locked in a closet surrounded by leather, blood and casualties; you'll find a chest filled treasure with a history all its own, but with twists and turns, gizmos and gadgets, passion and tears, love and hate. So overwhelming that in one split second (the timeit takes for nerve endings to fire and spiral in circles) you will hear the sounds from places far fetched and compared to likes of unknown and similar to trees falling in forests with no one to hear the audible screams releasedfrom the veins of lost lives and lost times, but with what could quite possibly be the start of a new (a little of this, a little of that) vibe; a new love, a new pop, a new laugh, an old friend, a silent campaign with a memoir with characteristics of lost castaways. In the midst of park benches, subways, and coffee shops..... you'll hear us as one, and at the same time 6 different parts (bodies/souls/hearts/breaths), but who's got the duece and let it all loose at the table of gods. This is a burning desire to be part of a fire with the most at stake, but the planning and caution we'll put in the dresser with a dancer in a musicbox releasing beautiful music from every last note and hip pop and chariot awakes the kings of the night. When every half hour seems like a lifetime.... that's the legacy in Davey Jone's locker. That's the place for lovers forever and that's where we'll be at the nights end; a top the diamond's encrested thrones to each it's on, and each is one.


*Currently recording*

First EP due out early summer 2006.

Set List

Brothers Join
A City on Fire
Old New York