Is It Any Wonder?

Is It Any Wonder?

 Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., USA


Is It Any Wonder? sounds like Hank Williams Sr. and Explosions in the Sky

Is It Any Wonder? is a chance for me to finally combine the disparate elements of my musical and personal make-up: the kid who spent summer nights drinking beer on the tailgate of a pickup truck and the urban lab geek who likes things with the prefix "post."

That said, Is It Any Wonder? will henceforth be referred to with the collective "we."

Is It Any Wonder? does not presently play shows. We record music. Your experience of those recordings in your truck on a lonely road or on your ipod on the subway is probably more vivid than a booze-soaked bar-show anyway, and likely more appropriate.


EP#1: Once the World Was Full of Men Who Had Lived Hard Lives
Tracks - 1. Morning Side of the Mountain 2. Twilight Side of the Hill
Self-released on web and as free CDs distributed on bulletin-boards and the like.

Coming Soon: EP#2