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II Face’ is one of hip hop’s well-kept secrets. With stunning verbal versatility and fierce driving beats, he has proven that he packs the punch the industry desires to drive rap to the next level.


Born Miguel A. Martinez in the dark streets of Camden, New Jersey, he later found escape thru music. He grew up watching older family members contend in rap battles in Chester, Pennsylvania. At age 10, he moved to Portsmouth, Virginia to live with his grandmother. He began writing poetry about life and everything around him. He later put these words to music by finding solace in a $30 keyboard given to him by a church member.

He has been inspired by many music industry greats, but his true inspiration comes from his desire to create music. Face is not just another rapper. He is a well-rounded producer that has worked with Gospel, Pop, Hip-Hop, and R&B artists. Beneath his cool decorum lies a razor sharp intellect that allows him to conceptualize abstract, and produce phenomenal music. As a national recording artist and the founder/C.E.O of Die Hard Recording Studio in the heart of Virginia Beach, Virginia, he has created and produced a mass catalog beats. He has also sold over 50K units of his mixed tape releases ‘The Die Hard Family Mix Tape Vol.1 & Jet Noise Vol.2’ which he produced, wrote, and engineered.

II Face would like to thank his fans, friends, and family for their support.

Black Russian Music Group proudly announces the release of II Face’s highly anticipated album in Spring 2007.


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April Brown, Publicist


Take It Off

Written By: II Face featuring Se7en Capadone


Aight everybody back the fuck up. Yall need to have your drivers license, your registration, and your proof of insurance to get in this bitch tonight.. Its Hot!

Hey all my people in the club now, Throw up, all your hands and your cups now
Its hot, burning up in the club now, What you gone do, take it off- take it off Hey
(Repeat 2x)

When it’s beef in the club what you do? (Take it Off)
When you gone off that Bub what you do? (Take it Off)
I see a couple fly honey’s in the club (Take it Off)
Let me see you (Take it Off)
Rip it Off (Take it Off)
(Repeat 2x)

Verse 1

Now everybody rush the building, excluding the children
If you 21 and up throw your hands and your drinks up
I’m stepping up in the club, the honey’s showing me love
Throw up a couple of dollars to get the bub

When it’s a problem Black Russian a solve it
No matter where it is, why it happened, who caused it
Lets get exhausted, party till the lights go off
Got beef? See the ice pop off

I’m on my job dude, brought you another joint to hop to
Album in stores I know that you wanna cop dude
Word on the street is Face is crazy hot dude
I don’t need applause say fuck it and tear it off

Middle finger attitude, sex is in my view
The liquor got me ready to push up on a few
Know what you gotta do, party hard in the nude
Rip it off. Let me see you get hot and take it off yeah

Hook …………….


Party Naughty
Produced & Written by Miguel “II Face” Martinez
Arranged by II Face
Hook Vocals by Erika Gaynor
Hook Arranged by Latoya Tull
Recorded & Mixed at Die Hard Recording Studios, Virginia Beach, Va.
Engineered & Mixed by II Face

Take It Off
Produced by Miguel “II Face” Martinez
Written by II Face & Sev7en
Arranged by II Face
Recorded & Mixed at Die Hard Recording Studios, Virginia Beach, Va.
Engineered & Mixed by II Face

Set List

A 15 minutes set includes 3 songs:
Party Naughty
Take It Off
Paparazzi or Time Is On My Side