Tre' the III

Tre' the III

 Birmingham, Alabama, USA
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Many Are Called But Chose Are Very Few The Call Is Very Great Gotta Lot Of Work To Do Say That I'm Good All Day It Means Nothing But When you Say Man U Anointed We On To Something I'm Giving Jesus Something Bout The Name Plus Out Bring A Change Not Do The Same Ol Same


Tre’ the III

Christian music has become a breeding ground for saints stomping for Jesus and Birmingham Records’ newest artist TreIII is taking his place in Gods’ army. Debuting his album On the III, what TreIII is introducing is an inspirational Christian rap that wins souls and crosses all age barriers. Coming from Birmingham, Alabama (the ‘Ham’), Tre grew up in a sanctified home where God’s rule was the house rule. He believes that his life’s roadmap was written early on. He got saved at age four and from that point was destined to be more than someone who warmed the pew at church. Tre.. loved music and began rapping when he was 12. He wasn’t influenced by the mainstream hip hop scene. He couldn’t spit a verse from LL Cool J or even name one of his biggest hits. His love, instead, for Christian rap was born from listening to his music idols Toby Mack and DC Talk, who are known pioneers in Christian music. Affirmation wouldn’t come later until he began to work and share the stage with greats like Kirk Franklin, Cee Cee Winans, Jars of Clay and more. Like few kids in this age, Tre.. grew up in a two parent home and like most boys, loved sports. He was an exceptional athlete and was even recruited to play college football. This was his dream. He loved God and believed it was his will to go on to becoming a successful athlete. This dream came to an end when an injury sidelined him. Tre.. was lost and became transformed into someone who had it all on the outside, but crumbling on the inside. When his life began to spiral downward and dreams of suicide kept him awake at night, Tre.. knew his life needed a turn for the better. It had been a long time since he and God had an understanding and at some point they’d square up. Tre.. credits a close friend who saw his pain and encouraged him to renew his relationship with God. Listening to the passion and urgency in his lyrics, On the III is a moving and life-changing album. Tre.. is not just a musician, he’s also a minister with a message (Tre.. preached his first sermon at age ten). Tre has matured into a seasoned evangelist, preaching to thousands across the country in various church’s, conferences and youth events. He says, “If folks aren’t getting their life changed, I’m wasting my time.” Tre..s music has become his ministry. He added his songwriting and production skills to several of the tracks and teamed with producers John Nettlesbey, Jimmy Varner and Ernest Echols to fine tune the album. The remake of DC Talks’ Jesus Freaks was a must have on the album. The rap/rock song mocks those who think being all out for God is not normal. Tre.. also makes his presence known with the soon-to-be hit I’m Here and on the debut single, the soul soothing rap worship song, All I Need Is You. Even a Godly man needs a companion so Tre.. chose Christ-Like Girl to minister to the singles. “Music is the hook, but when the music stops it’s about winning souls,” says Tre. On the III is a collaboration of 15 tracks of soul-winning songs to soothe the heart and mind. Tre.. credits his mission in life to mend the broken and unify the Body of Christ. He says, “What God did for me, He will do for you. It’s more than just music…its ministry." It’s All GOD


Take My Heart

Written By: Tre'

I’ve had my times of up-I’ve had my times of down
I’ve had my times of smiling-At times I had to frown
I’ve had my times of laughing-I’ve had my times of crying
I’ve had the times I love life at times I’m wish I’m dying
No need of even lying seems like in all my trying
Even if I sell it free nobody’s even buying
Man to feel low at times would be a step up
Yes its messed up more than speaking when its whats up
How ya doing I say I’m fine and yourself
In spite of what I’m seeing and feeling all is well
In spite of all the mess and things that’s going on
In spite of feeling weak and tired I’m going strong
Might be rough and tough at times so it seems
Makes me wanna holla makes me wanna scream
But God said give me your pains I’ll handle that
And even be the difference in things where you lack

Chorus: So Lord take my heart because my what heart is what I give
In spite of what I see what I think what I feel
Lord take my heart all to you every part
Spirit body and soul but start with my heart

Lord I give my heart although its been through some things
Well used and abused and bruised so it seems
Broke down and beaten its kinda falling apart
Like a billion piece puzzle now where do we start
With all the things that I’ve done all the games been played
All the mess I been through and the mistakes that I made
With the all the lies that been told and me dealing with pain
The feeling of sadness has got me covered in shame
Imagine folks all around me and still feeling along
And the house is just a place and has no feeling of home
Like a bad day at school when everything is a test
I get an F for my efforts when I’m giving my best
Now there’s my problem, I sitting here giving my all
When I never took time to simply give you a call
Or took time to pray I chose to do it my way
I need to learn to trust you more and not just trust in Trey

Chorus: So Lord take my heart because my what heart is what I give
In spite of what I see what I think what I feel
Lord take my heart all to you every part
Spirit body and soul but start with my heart

Lord take my heart because my heart is where you find me
The real me the one whose searching for you blindly
Or alone in there you really see my mess
Everything that I did or done plus my stress
All my tears all my fears all my anger and pride
From stuck up attitudes to thoughts of suicide
Its there its pretty bad some of it is much worse
Even fears for the future of a family curse
That’s it its yours I aint taking it back
Of me I give completely and I’m starting with that
For real lets talk in now I aint dealing with then
I’m out to make it right make me whole again
Here I give you all its time for taking your place
I done traded in my sorrows now I’m dealing in grace
Be my everything plus my prince of peace
Let me be the lesser as you start to increase

Chorus: So Lord take my heart because my what heart is what I give
In spite of what I see what I think what I feel
Lord take my heart all to you every part
Spirit body and soul but start with my heart

I O U Interlude

Written By: Tre'

Everything I am-everything I’m not-everything I have-everything I got
All that is me, all of its you, me by myself nothing true
I gone on say me number 1, put God to the back move Trey to the front
We aint gotta go through show and tell, do thangs like that and its bout to fail
See I’m nothing without you, storms wanna rise you see me through
You are the light the light when times seem blue, already done what I cant do
You are the one who leads the way, you are the one whose blessing trey
You are the one sticks to the end, mother father brother friend
Everyone gone you still there, some could care less, you still care
Love so strong beyond compare call me your child made me an heir
Its to you my hands are raised its your name I’m gonna praise
I love you not just a phrase more than that, thank God I’m saved
I just gots to keep it real, I messed up you loved me still
Some thangs I done just not your will, wanna do me when you said chill
More than money jewels or gold you saved my life you saved my soul
You took my old and made me new I give my all still I owe you

All God

Written By: Tre'

now what little God's want to step to mine
if you got the guts then just cross that line
cause whatever your god can do mine does it better
you spell with a little g and mine with a capital letter
and what can you do that i should follow you
you can't even dream of half the things my God can do
go ahead try em putem to the test
he can dry up the pacific ocean even move mount everest
if he was a rapper he'd be the only dun
if you put him out in space he'd outshine the moon and sun
he only had to speak and everything did appear
and if he wanted to say get and its outta hear
and what does your god have nice cars diamond rings
my God still has yours beat he has everything
can you ask your god anything and get an answer
can he heal any disease even cancer
so what about your guide enough about mine
if this was a game check the score it seems your gods behind
if i cut your god with a knife would he bleed to death
if i choked him wiht a rope would he run out of breath
if i made your god mad would he kill me
when everybodys gone from this earth would he still be
king of kings no lord of lords no
more than just a myth more than just show
to dog your god anymore would be a waste of my time
seems you need to drop your god and follow mine
So on your little god on him i'll just past
cause compared to mine he just makes me laugh

Now they wanna question me, asking how can it be
I rap so faithfully keeping it ministry
All G-O-D more than a slogan it’s a fact
Without him I nothing, really I’m less than that
Just check the stats he’s why I pass and not fail
The head not the tail given heaven and not hell
That’s why I heed the call he gots me when I fall
He’s my A-Z infinity simply he’s my all
Say to be frank about it, naw I’ll just be trey
Every line every rhyme is God inspired say
Get out the way I give God all the credit
Yes I’m indebted he wrote the flow I just said
Let it be known whether its here or it is gone
When everything passes away he’s on the throne
Me without him the feeling will be kinda odd
Just fascade cause in all I do it’s all God


ON the III- 2009

Set List

Set range from 15 minutes to 90 minutes
Use the III
Welcome to the Party
God is Good
I Like It
Roll Call
Here We Go
Say the Name
All God
Be Right
Take My Heart
Be With You
Here I am to Worship
Personal testimonies & the preached Word