When Mike “Milky” Roberts’ laid down a “fat bottom” foundation to the experimental progressive metal-funk sounds of the Logan Baldwin and Bryan James duo, a musical egg was created that sat dormant in Lexington, Ky for some time, until vocalist David Cordingly’s West Coast dub/punk sonic sperm fertilized it…creating i_INSIDE. A band unafraid to wear their influences on their sleeves, they have been compared to Sublime, 311, and The Chili Peppers, among others. Their ability to strategically blend funk, punk, metal, and dub/reggae into energetic live shows, sets them apart from contemporary bands. With i_INSIDE’s debut E.P “The Mold That Shapes You” They’ve set the stage for an ever evolving style of music, and continue to build on their growing fan base.


"The Roland Sessions" (unreleased) (2004)
"The Mold That Shapes You" EP (2005)
"Arguments and Overdramatics" (scheduled for release Sept 06)

Set List

Moving Picture Show
Sun Breaks Thru
Los Lassen
Revelation (F.J.)
Arguments and Overdramatics
Take a Stab
Dub Song
Rule The World
Open Ended Phrases
Tickets are Sold Out
(1 and 1/2 hrs)