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iivee rukahs

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POOETIK FUNK is a musical blueprint of individual genres mixed together. It's like music source code. Sublte and exotic. The formula of POOETIK FUNK is all the musical mainstream elements blended with pooetry, spoken word, rappn, and singing.


This iZ mY Bar CoDe was iivee rukahs' debut album in 2005. Adding the RAP/HIP R&B and ALTERNATIVE/ ROCK genres. Missy Elliot, 2PAC, Pink, Eminem, Alicia Keys, 50CENT, Gwen Steffani, T.I., LYNKYN PARK, almost all dertee sawth rap, some ganster rap, undergroound and indie artist elements and fusing them together with vocals of pooetry, singing, rappn, spokn word. POOETIK FUNK was born. iivee has performed in Milwaukee, Chicago, Nashville and Atlanta. Some shows were paid by invitation. 2002-2004. The very first talent showcase that iivee Rukahs entered in Stone Mountain GA in 2005, she performed her track DOMINATRXX and placed in the top 5 of 23 dertee sawth and R&B artists! iivee's follow up performance connected her to a pre-paid registration and performance into a talent showcase @ Cafe' 290 in Rosewell. During that performance showcase iivee did not place but was offered a digital ringtone download contract by Code Blue Entertainment. iivee has also appeared in televised and college radio broadcast talent showcases via Star Breakers, Inc located in Atlanta Ga. Since those performances and open mics and community invitations, iivee has paved 'POOETIK FUNK' into the music industry. Realising that music is it's audience, iivee combined POOETIK FUNK elements with dertee sawth elements to create a sexy sultry pooetik rap singing sound that is only POOETIK FUNK. Thus the follow up CD was created, 'This iZ mY BarCoDe/ Dertee Sawth Rmxx 2006


Dominatrxx Rmxx is track #2 from the This iZ mY BarCoDe/ Dertee Sawth Rmxx 2006 CD
Dominatrxx and StepP

Set List

Dominatrxx Rmxx is 3:39
Available for covers
Repertoire/ open