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Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
Band Rock EDM


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Al Gore, Vice President and Nobel Laureate"

"I respect ... It Is What It Is.” - New York Times

"John Barlow, Former Lyricist for the Grateful Dead"

If you need an explanation, there's a quick and easy answer
... It Is What It Is
- USA Today

"Craig Bauer, Grammy Award Winner"

IIwII rocks, they are professionals…always pushing the limits of detail on every track from drums to vocals. I am excited to finish the ep and see where it takes us … but don’t listen to these guys, they are full of sh!t. Especially Michel. - Sun Times Master Mixer

"Will Lambert, Talent Agent and Founder of It's Real Music Productions"

From the moment IIwII walked in the door, their confidence and distinctive sense of style was readily noticeable - they possess an 'at-home' air of comfort that undoubtedly transferred to the stage. IIwII's self-described 'rave-rock' was energy-laden and crowd pleasing as it infused electronic elements over a characteristic drum-heavy rock foundation. Their light hearted and original take on this electro-instrumental genre that's exploding as of late is refreshing. They'll be back at the Kinetic Playground in January. - Venue Promotions

"Time Out's Music Editor, Douche Bag"

IIWII takes its name from an insufferably overused and meaningless catchphrase, looks like Great Clips models and sounds like a cross of Queensrÿche and Journey. It takes every fiber of our being to remain so benignly descriptive.… Must. Go. Punch. Pillow.

Our thanks to the music editor for such a glowing review. This section or something like it, was printed in the editorial section the following week:

... I just read the review of my band: It Is What It Is as we headline Martyrs on 5/9. I quickly wrote this email because I don't want you or your staff to harm any innocent pillows because of us. Hopefully, you receive it in time. :)

I totally agree with every word except one: the association with Queensryche. We can understand about sounding like Journey but I would have picked the Scorpions or preferably something newer, like Metro Station or Lady Gaga, because it would be a more honest comparison to say we are a club punk hair band masquerading as Rave Rockers. But I would like to think that music critics see there is a depth to our narrative. If you can get past our good looks and name you would see there is something more. Anyway, thanks for reviewing us and keep up the in-depth local coverage, but dont forget to suck it you pop hating Douche Bag.

- Time Out Magazine Chicago

"Winners of the I-GO Audio Emissions, Rock Category: IIwII"

Drumroll please...And the winners of the I-GO Audio Emissions online vote to be included in the all-star Chicago compilation CD are...

Winning the Hip Hop category is Animate Objects. Aptly subtitled "fast car hip hop," Animate Objects are sure to be a favorite road song in the I-GO cars. Imelda de la Cruz (Other category) and Billie D (Jazz/Blues/Gospel category) and will chill out any road rage with their laidback tracks. IIwII (It Is What It Is) will make drivers shrug off bad traffic with their philosophical rock music. If that doesn't work, Od Tapo Imi provides an "instant vacation" with powerful vocals accompanied by steel drums, winning the "World" category.
- IGo News

"It Is What It Is, Wildcard Winner"

Bodog Battle Blows Over The Windy City
The Metro in Chicago opened their doors graciously to the Bodog Battle Semi-Regional Finals. Bands rolled in with their gaggle o' groupies all with one thing on their mind, the grand prize of $1 million recording contract from Bodog Music. ... Wildcard winner IIwII gave a good performance. - Bodog Press Release


Hinge EP (Spring 2010)
Lime & Salt (Single 2009)
Seduction Theory (LP 2008)
Greenbriar Demos (2007)

Rave Rock
Club Punk



Brash and bold, It Is What It Is has updated punk from retro street rock to club chic and avant-garde. Inspired by a love of vintage music and modern effects, the band has developed "an energy-laden sound infusing electronic elements over a drum-heavy rock foundation."

"IIwII" to those in the know, they are young enough to do it often, yet old enough to do it right. As veterans of the regional music scene with over 50 shows played at prominent clubs and venues, they are identified by their confidence and attractive crowds.

But IIwII is not just a collection of songs and shows, it is an attitude. It is something that is worn and not discussed: IIwII is a lifestyle that screams 'leave the boring tick-tock monotony of your lives and join us on an adventure full of new people, good times and dreams realized'.

These boys hang with some sexy bitches: Grammy Winners Craig Bauer (Kanye West - Rihanna), Matt Walker (Filter - Smashing Pumpkins), Michael “Smidi” Smith (One Republic - Pussycat Dolls) and don’t-call-it-graffiti “street art” artist Hand Joe.

Hinge Studios Artist Development 2009
Bodog Battle of the Bands Regional 2008
MTV2 On the Rise Finalist 2007
Audio Emissions Finalist 2007
Trite Award Winner 2005-6
USA Today Cliché of the Year 2004