IJah Menelik, Militant Youths, Shashamane Movement Inc.

IJah Menelik, Militant Youths, Shashamane Movement Inc.


Ijah Menelik is a force of truth and right, and the voice of the Ancestors crying out for Justice, with the energy and passion Marcus Garvey described as the whirl wind. The music's discipline is rooted in reggae, but is a fusion of all the different musical genres. Creating a new sound in this era.


Influenced by the lyrics of Reggae great Bob Marley , and the captivating performances of James Brown and the direct Musical influence from uncle "the Mighty Arrow", it did not take Ijah Menelik long to dive into the music scene, at age seven he was adding lyrical input in his uncle's studio sessions. At age fourteen, started millitant youths, a five member High school reggae group, which opened shows for reggae legends Yellow man, Admiral Bailey, Tiger and Junior Reid. Ijah Menelik migrated to Washington DC from Montserrat Permanently in '94. Soul searching on the metropoliton streets he found his destiny through the powers of the King of Kings " Haile Sellasie I the First",and created SHASHAMANE MOVEMENT RECORDS,MILITANT YOUTH AWARENESS PUBLISHING,TRANS ATLANTIC REVEIW MAGAZINE. IJAHMENELIK Released "Utopia", a unique, universally stimulating album with lyrics so real,so MILITANT, there is no digesting half truths. With music for the whole world to enjoy, "Utopia The Videography " also available, check out the video clip!! Don't miss the Above Ground Series and many others coming in the near future.

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Baggawire-Ijah Menelik-Talking Roots 2 compilation -Mt Nebo
Natural Empress-Ijah Menelik- Utopia -Shashamane Movement Inc.
Ethiopia-Ijah Menelik/BasementSquad
Jamming All Night Long -Ijah Menelik & Sadiki I -Logwood Productions
The Above Ground Series Volume I-The Awakening
The Above Ground Series Volume II-The Shinning
Rastafari Way- Ijah and IBA

Set List

Typically 6 set
Judgements Red
Whiteman's World
Universal Family -Mt Nebo Records- I-Testament (upcoming album)
(15 to 40 minutes)
Can perform Utopia full album (13 songs ,5 min average per song)
(HOUR and a half)