Ik Ben

Ik Ben


rock and/or roll...because rock still matters.


Natives of San Diego, Republic of California, ik ben recently arrived to Nashville from stops including but not limited to Portland Oregon, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Amsterdam, London, Firenze, Italy and Lefty Frizell's Saginaw Michigan. Led by brother duo Scotstoffersen and Brian Tobias Hylbert, the group offers glimpses of inspiration from the likes of the Velvets, The Dirty Mac, Faces, Big Star, NRPS. An ex-producer out in L.A. dubbed it "brother rock," but was let go after dismissing the Stones' 1981 LP Tattoo You as nothing more than a vehicle for the stadium anthem "Start Me Up." On a side-note, both brothers abandoned promising soccer careers overseas to pursue their rock-n-roll stateside. Two small samplings of home and studio demos have label reps chomping at the bit. A major announcement is imminent.


ik ben "red" ep is out of print
triple vinyl LP coming soon:
1) put the cock back in rock
2) jerome (and the town he left behind)
3) sophisticate

Set List

60 minute sets of original songs usually augmented by a well-struck cover.