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"IKE... They never cease to amaze me!! Whether they are playing for thousands or one hundred people the show is always filled with the same awesome energy, incredible musicianship and wicked catchy songs! Always one of my favorites to see live. They never disappoint!" - Jaxon from WMMR sez...

"Amplifier Magazine review"

Where to Begin is the sound of relationships straining, cracking, breaking apart and coming together again—perhaps not since Rumours has a band been able to turn so much personal and professional turmoil into such a cohesive statement of truth and beauty. Fully half of IKE has been jettisoned since their last studio release, 2005's In Real Life: guitarist Cliff Hillis and drummer Dave Anthony both departed, leaving lead vocalist John Faye and bassist Joann Schmidt to carry .. recommitting to each other and to IKE, Faye and Schmidt enlisted guitarist Brett Talley (from the northeast Philly band Outset) and drummer Tom Kristich (from the Jellybricks) and immediately set to work on the new album. Much of the material on Where to Begin was penned by Faye during the period when musical and personal relationships were falling apart, and the band's continued existence was very much in doubt. Consequently, the resultant songs are as emotionally powerful as they are melodically supercharged. The disc's opener, "The End of the Rope," sets the tone for all that follows ("I've got vision and suspicion….") as Faye sings about vainly struggling to salvage a doomed relationship: "We'll give it all we've got/And all we've got is hope." Throughout Where to Begin, Faye's (and IKE's) emotions run raw: from aching ("Damage Control"), to bitterness ("The Way I See It"), to longing ("Carried Away"), only the inescapable strength of the hooks and the crystalline beauty of Faye's vocals lighten the otherwise heavy mood. IKE has not only survived, they have flourished; pop music lovers everywhere are the richer.
--Rick Schadelbauer [May 10, 2008] - Amplifier

""Where To Begin" mini review"

This is modern power pop closer to the commercial alt. sounds of
All American Rejects, or American Hi Fi. This is almost a return to Faye's form as a member of the Caulfields or The John Faye Power Trip but with the added depth of experience.
- Powerpopaholic

"IKE for President"

Power pop is alive and well in our little town, thanks to the sweet rockin', homegrown quartet called IKE. Led by seasoned singer/songwriter/guitarist John Faye, the band's earnest, hook-happy new set, "In Real Life," charms like the cheery stuff from Squeeze (aka Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook), though I doubt those Brits would ever turn their attentions to an anthem for the City of Brotherly Love as IKE does with "Into Philadelphia." It's a song that deserves local enshrining alongside Hall & Oates' "Fall in Philadelphia," Grover Washington, Jr. and Stanley Clarke's separate odes to "East River Drive," the Soul Survivors' "Expressway to Your Heart," the Orlons' "South Street" and the Hooters' Philly music scene celebration, "Beat Up Guitar"! And while I'm passing out kudos, let me also recommend the Phil Nicolo co-produced set's shiny "Beautiful Thing," whiplash rocking "Better Off Alone" and gushing "Nothing's Gonna Come Between Us." - Jonathan Takiff
- Philadelphia Daily News

"Top 10"

Ike. Power-pop craftsman John Faye and his mates churn out one great tune after another. In Real Life's biggest flaw is that it's tough to pick just one song to convert your friends. Try "Cinderella Spark." Or the title track. Or "Into Philadelphia." Or "Nothing's Gonna Come Between Us." Not a bad problem to have, really.
- NJ Courier Post

"IKE "In Real Life" review"

Usually, the best you can hope for when a songwriter has a kid is that the attendant sleep deprivation will fuel some bizarre visions and he'll ban the baby from sapping up his lyrics. On IKE's second self-released CD, In Real Life, two-time dad John Faye runs headfirst into the parent trap and defies the odds: "Into Philadelphia" is a sweet little lullaby disguised as a hugely catchy rocker. It's not a fluke — just the strongest proof yet of Faye's skills. His voice has never sounded better than on the lovely "Nothing's Gonna Come Between Us," and the poppy "Cinderella Spark" should heat up live in the hands of one of the town's tightest bands. Twelve bucks gets you into the gig and sends you home with a disc that sticks after one listen and still stands up after a dozen.
- M.J. Fine - Philadelphia City Paper

"Concert Review"

Their every note bleeds sincerity and substance.
- James Houston
Contributing Writer, Philadelphia Weekly - Philadelphia Weekly


"Where To Begin" CD - 2008

"IKE presents The Living Room Show" CD - 2007

"In Real Life" CD - 2005

"Bumper Sticker Wisdom" DVD - 2004

"Parallel Universe" CD - 2003

Cover of Paul McCartney's "Coming Up" on 2002 tribute CD "Listen To What The Man Said"

Cover of Teenage Fanclub's "Sparky's Dream" on 2004 TFC tribute.



WMMR on-air personality Jaxon says:
"They never cease to amaze me!! Whether they are playing for thousands or one hundred people the show is always filled with the same awesome energy, incredible musicianship and wicked catchy songs! Always one of my favorites to see live. They never disappoint!"

Philly Style Magazine says:
"As our readers have concluded, Philadelphia likes Ike. And this local rock band reciprocates all that goodwill by eschewing glitz for humble hometown tributes in catchy tunes like “Into Philadelphia.” The indie band has a devoted following, with loyal fans going so far as shelling out cash to get Ike back in the studio to record its sophomore album, In Real Life. Whether the band is putting on one of its quirky Living Room shows (concerts held in private homes) or opening in Atlantic City in front of thousands for another Philly fave, Bon Jovi, the four-piece is always ready to rock."

It took the near-disintegration of their band and personal relationships for John Faye and Joann Schmidt, the last ones standing in IKE, to make the most compelling record of their career. Where To Begin their new 14-song album, puts a magnifying glass to the ups and downs of staying together and starting over...

The Philadelphia rock quartet had enjoyed a satisfying "slow burn" on their way to the upper echelons of the city's rock scene. Led by powerhouse lead vocalist and songwriter John Faye, the band has wowed audiences since the release of their debut CD Parallel Universe in 2003. Having shared stages with the likes of Bon Jovi, REM, Cracker, Butch Walker, Train, Better Than Ezra, Matthew Sweet, and The Hooters, IKE is accomplishing more as an indie band than many major label acts that get lost in the shuffle. Fueled by high-voltage live shows, unheard of radio play for an unsigned band, and a loyal fanbase which extends far beyond their hometown, IKE has taken its DIY ethic to every imaginable setting, from arena-size concert venues down to their intimate "Living Room Shows." The single "Into Philadelphia," from the band's 2006 album In Real Life has morphed into a hometown anthem, garnering regular rotation airplay on the city's legendary rock station WMMR, and getting high profile stadium/arena spins at home games for the Phillies, Eagles, and Flyers. The band received accolades like Philadelphia Magazine's "Best of Style" Award. But by the end of 2006, IKE parted ways with original members Cliff Hillis and Dave Anthony.

Starting 2007 with a new line-up featuring original member Schmidt on bass, and new bandmates Brett Talley on guitar and Tom Kristich (also of The Jellybricks) on drums, Faye was once again ready to take IKE to new heights, winning "Best Live Band" in Out & About Magazine's Reader's Poll and recording the 14 songs on Where To Begin. Released in the waking hours of 2008, "WTB" shows Faye and company at their best, combining soaring vocals, big hooks, and lyrics that are at once confrontational and confessional. With the hard-hitting single "We Like Sugar" in regular rotation on WMMR and on the station's "Jaxon's Local Shots Vol. 4" complilation, IKE is building on the radio success of "Into Philadelphia" and their reputation as one of Philadelphia's most enduring bands. The band has also landed another album cut “Whites Of My Eyes” in rotation on WXPN’s alternative-leaning “Y-Rock on XPN” and frontman John Faye won WSTW’s 2008 “Homey” awards for Best Male Vocalist and Best Songwriter. Ever youthful, ever optimistic, IKE shows no sign of giving up, slowing down, or losing validity, with an album that acknowledges how hard it can be to keep going and rebuild what's broken, while looking forward to the limitless possibility of things to come.