Ikia Shle

Ikia Shle


My music is birthed from life experiences. There's no discrimination. It appeals to all races, religions and ages. It will make you cry, laugh, love, pray, or just think! It's freedom music!



Ikia Shle Butler is a 26-year old songwriter/singer/emcee/poet all rapped in one! She was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a little girl she had a passion for poetry and dance. In 1997 she joined a hip-hop group in West Philly. It was in this musical marriage where she was challenged in her gift. She began to transform her poetic skills to rhythmical sonant over hip-hop beats. She answered the challenged ever so lovely. Their hip-hop group signed to Sony/Columbia in 1998. Unfortunately the deal fell through and the group split. It was after this experience that Ikia realized that she wanted to live a lifestyle of music, and I emphasis the word lifestyle. The extremities that were taken in order for her to be what she is today were eccentric. She moved to an unfamiliar part of Philadelphia and disassociated herself with all familiar people including some relatives. She had no social life except for work. It was on this sabbatical that Ikia not only wrote poems and hip-hop versus, but she miraculously developed the ability to sing and the art of songwriting! The gift of song made her more globally conscience. She began to write songs that related to real life issues rather than fictitious stories. She also began to play a little acoustic guitar. This born phenomenon cannot be boxed! She can write and perform music of all genres!