Mid-tempo punk that's best listened to loud loud loud. A mix between late-70s punk ala The Stooges, 80's post-post-punk's Minutemen. Sonically explosive guitar woven loosely around a tight rhythm section, with grubby lyrics that range from sing-song party rock to the seriousness of revolution.


iKiLLCaRS is an Austin garage-punk three-piece with two releases under their belt as well as a slew of live shows including national and regional tours. Their most recent release, the 5-song EP "At Ease With Your Haste" (release date: Late 2007/ Early 2008), was recorded with Chris “Frenchie” Smith at The Bubble Studio in Austin, TX and final mastering by Jeff Lipton (Battles, Lightning Bolt) of Peerless Mastering in Boston, MA. The session captured iKiLLCaRS’ revolutionary ideals -- in both a sonic and stylistic sense. Drawing from Smith’s production experience with bands like the Meat Puppets and Built to Spill, iKiLLCaRS pushed the limits of all involved to capture an original and energetic collection of songs. “At Ease With Your Haste” is also the first recording of the band’s to exhibit the explosive writing dynamic between full-time car-killers Lanyo Bourgeois (bass, vocals) and Johnny Law (guitar, vocals), while enlisting the help of Mike Fonseca (Those Peabodys) on drums.

iKiLLCaRS’ punk rock foundation holds steady in all their recordings, giving just a taste of what their wily live show entails. They have rocked the Midwest with Bob Log III and Maserati; they have rocked Texas with Die! Die! Die! and Year Long Disaster. So now you know where the revolution is taking place, and iKiLLCaRS is the soundtrack. Hold on tight, as they will rock the masses and watch the heads roll!


At Ease With Your Haste - EP