IKON is a melodic take on post-punk. Inspired by Joy Division, New Order and Death in June, the band marries gothic-sounding bass with electronic guitar melodies and acoustic flourishes. Chris McCarter's deep vocals add to the band's "dark" take on life, but they're not too serious to just rock out.


Like other inspired musical pairings, Chris McCarter (vocals, guitar, programming) and Dino Molinaro (bass) began to create music as high school students in 1988 and are still recording and performing together. In 1991, the original moniker Death in the Dark was replaced by IKON and seventeen years later the Australian band’s distinctive blend of post-punk, rock, and darkwave elements has gained a devoted international following.

IKON has released five studio albums, four EPs and seventeen singles, with additional unique versions that have been produced for Germany, America and Russia. The band’s last full-length release, Destroying the World to Save It, attained number 21 on the Native DJ World Charts for best album of 2005. IKON songs have also appeared on dozens of compilation CDs and the band has contributed cover versions to a select group of tribute albums to Joy Division, The Cure and Kraftwerk.

On the strength of the band’s accomplished and ever-expanding repertoire of songs, IKON has frequently toured Australia, Europe and the UK. IKON has played on the same bill as The Sisters of Mercy, H.I.M., Soft Cell, Death in June, London After Midnight and The Mission. IKON has performed at the Eurorock Festival (2001) in Belgium and at the M’era Luna Festival (2002) in Hildesheim, Germany before an audience of more than 15,000 people. The band has also appeared twice at the world’s largest goth festival, Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, Germany, in 2003 and 2005 (during the latter year Anthony Cornish joined the live line-up on guitar).

In 2007, the final word was written in one chapter of IKON’s musical legacy when the band embarked upon ‘The Burden of History’ tour of Europe to mark the release of the singles collection (1992-2007) of the same name. As Time Goes By also appeared and brought the first studio sessions of the original incarnation of IKON and live tracks from the same period out of the archives and into the hands of fans.

The new EP League of Nations (2007) is testament to progression in IKON’s signature sound, providing a taster of the forthcoming album Love, Hate and Sorrow (anticipated release early-2009). While retaining the essence of influences such as Joy Division, early New Order and Death in June, the future for IKON promises to add further texture to the band’s style. Love, Hate and Sorrow embraces more melodic song structures without entirely relinquishing the shadowy threads that are interweaved in the lyrics, art work, and music of one of the world’s most successful and enduring darkwave bands.


A Line on a Dark Day

Written By: Chris McCarter

Moments away, return to this place
Where they all lay down together
For their memory lasts forever
Through the fields where all is lost
In a bid to cut the cost

A line on a dark day
Blue sky is underway
Unwelcoming silence
A line on a dark day

Thoughts of dismay
Too much now to take
And the honour lingers on
But it won’t take back the wrong
And the emptiness they share
To the love for those who care

A line on a dark day
Blue sky is underway
Unwelcoming silence
A line on a dark day

And a million tears are shed
But it won’t bring back the dead
Hold a picture or a frame
Rewind and share the blame
But it’s all too hard to move
For their love can never prove
Light a candle amongst friends
Or alone it never ends

A line on a dark day
Blue sky is underway
Unwelcoming silence
A line on a dark day


The Burden of History (singles) (2007)
As Time Goes By (The Original IKON) (2007)
Destroying The World To Save It (2005)
From Angels To Ashes (2003)
On The Edge Of Forever (2001)
Dawn Of The Ikonoclast (1999)
This Quiet Earth (1998)
The Final Experience (1997)
Flowers For The Gathering (1996)
A Moment In Time (1995)
In The Shadow Of The Angel (1994)

[edit] EPs
Amongst the Runes (2008)
League of Nations (2007)
Psychic Vampire (2004)
Ghost In My Head (1998)
The Echoes Of Silence (1994)

[edit] Singles
"Without Shadows" (2006)
"Rome" (2005)
"Death By Dawn" (7" Single 2005)
"I Never Wanted You" (2004)
"Psychic Vampire" (2004)
"Ceremony" (2003)
"Afterlife" (2002)
"Afterlife" (7" Single 2002)
"Blue Snow Red Rain" (10" Single 2001)
"The Shallow Sea Pt. 2" (2000)
"The Shallow Sea Pt. 1" (2000)
"Lifeless" (1999)
"Reality Is Lost" (1999)
"Subversion" (1998)
"Life Without End" (1996)
"In A Lonely Place" (1995)
"Condemnation" (7" Single 1995)
"The Echoes Of Silence" (7" Single 1994)
"Why" (7" Single 1992)

Set List

IKON typically plays long sets of around twenty songs when the band tours Europe. You can see our full setlists from every gig we've ever played at: www.ikondomain.com/gigography/gigs.html

We do play occasional covers amongst all of our own back catalogue, and have had covers of Joy Division, The Cure, Bauhaus and Kraftwerk included on compilation CDs.