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IKO is an unique artist who thinks outside the box. Original beyond recognition. IKO is able to combine creative and strong lyrics with wit. Not only is he a rap artist, but he is a producer and drummer. I paint colorful pictures, and the streets, the universe, and my life is my canvas.


The main difference between IKO and other lyricists, is I'm not afraid to be myself. I'm original and make music that is innovative, at the same time enjoyable. Being a musician, my influences stretch across the board. I listen to hip-hop, classic r+b, rock, blues, gospel, and even went to my Homecoming Dances with Emily Erwin of The Dixie Chicks. So, I can even dig some country!


A Lil' Country

Written By: Ikoyi Winn

“A Lil’ Country”
3224 Stonehenge Lane
Carrollton, TX 75006
(972)620-9903 Home/ (214)236-1949 Cell

Verse 1:

Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in
Trackin’ mud in your crib, drinkin’ all your gin
It’s your boy Mr. Winn, well go on then
This country origin started way back when, it was then
Grandpap pimped a cowboy hat, rockin’ back
Red Man brand he sho nuff spat
Me and my pops coolin’ in his Boss Hog lac
Bumpin’ B.B King till it turned pitch black
Now mamma had farm livin’, kept me full like a Buddha
Cooked everything on the pig from the roota to the toota
I flew the coop, mouthpiece got a little twang
In the barn, first time, shorty showed me that thang
In high school, here’s some shi*
Went to my Homecoming dance, two years straight, with a Dixie Chick
So my fam put hip-hop, rock, and soul in a pan
Added Texas heat to it, look who’s fire man! Hit the….

Hook (1x):
I’m a lil’ country, baby
Ain’t nothin’ wrong with it
I’m a lil’ country, baby
That’s how I’m gon’ spit it
I’m a lil’ country, baby
And don’t ya’ll forget it
Don’t it sound good to you, momma
You want some, well come and get it!

Verse 2:
Ok now holla at ya boy, it’s the bloodhound
Sniffin’ round at the throwdown, here’s how it go down
I’m fittin’ to act a clown, and fittin’ to do the fool
Fittin’ to drink Crown, and fittin’ to play it cool, but oh
The lean got me leanin’ on them, drummer keep on beatin’ on them
Big apple booties I keep on schemin’ on them
On the wall, bout to fall, with my eyes tight, yellin’
“I’m gon’ be alright tonight!”
What it look like
It is what it is, all about my biz
Miss Ma’am, hot damn, tell ya mother
You done seen this one brother, and he’s like nann nother
Nann nother can drag this hillbilly sound straight through the gutter
And still churn out the butter, nann nother, I said it, nobody stuttered
Like Ruben, who been, hotter than a ho*
The same dude who pop shi* till the rooster crow. Now hit the….

Hook (1x)

Verse 3:

To the snakeskin’s, pick-up trucks, or Wrangler denim
Or if it’s Tims, Coupes, chrome rims, with TV’s in them
It’s a gritty country ditty that’s built for big city
Bright lights, lookin’ pretty, women actin’ saditty
Now who you with, where you at
Shake them haters off, player, and say I did that
Now who you with, where you at
Shake them haters off, player, and say I did that
Got no time for the games, cow shi* for brains
So fluid, my spittin’ will ruin some fake as* chains
So howdy, boys and girls, look who’s comin’ to dinner
And dippin’ out the farmer daughter’s bedroom window! Mr…….

Hook (1x)


No Info (I'm Clean)

Written By: Ikoyi Winn


Some things never change, huh?
Let’s go!

Verse 1

The scene fades in, quiet blankets the night
That’s until I pull up to the red light
Bumpin’ Daddy Kane, drop-top, candy coated
Crown and Coke in my lap, getting’ loaded
In the middle lane, man
Thinkin’ bout this gal who does a job on head like Icabod Crane
Lil’ chick-a-dee, Nikki she, damn thicky
Studio time booked, might call her for a quicky
Light long enough for me to kill this drink
Throw the cup to the ground, let the system crank
Bout time, foot to the floor, green light glow
Side of the road, car no lights, is it 5.0?
Sho nuff, and ain’t this a bitch, his ass pullin’ out
Not even speedin’, he’ll still pull me over no doubt
But for now, the snake slithers up behind my shit
Waitin’ paitently, hand on the switch, eagar to flip
Those cherry-colored lights, thinkin’ just might
Stole this sumbitch, so I’ll take flight
So do dat thing, run them plates, what’d you discover
Smother my bumper, keepin’ a nucka, from his summer lover, bitch!

Hook (2x):
I’m clean
I’m clean
I’m clean
Ain’t gon’ find a cot damn thing!
I’m clean
I’m clean
I’m clean

Verse 2:

The bullshit start
Like a black in a horror flick, let’s take a quick stab in the dark
You’ll pull me over with disrespect
Flashlight got my interior lit up like a discotheque
Lookin’ for them open containers and tags up to par
With your “License and registration, you comin’ from a bar?
Boy, you been drinkin’ tonight?” No ho, and yo
I don’t smoke and I don’t do blow
Take that back, in my trunk, there’s coke
I pump yay, you know
The kind who said Bush don’t mess with black folk
So searchin’ and plantin’ in here would be a waste of your time and mine
So fuck you and walkin’ a straight line
Let me guess, I fit the description of some suspect
Break ins in the area, routine check
You follow, to make that collar, the extra dollar, scream and holler
Better luck tomorrow, for now, you wallow in sorrow
Plates so clean, cops can se their reflection
Dumb ass expression mixed with some depression
So as this lil’ piggy gets his donuts
This piggy’s shovin’ broom sticks up guts
This piggy’s sprayin’ niggas with tear gas
And this piggy’s tryin’ to find niggas to harass
But this lil’ piggy cries wee-wee-wee all the way to the station
Cause from me, he got no information!

Hook (2x)




"A Lil' Country----radio edit"
"I'mma Tell"
"First Impression"

Set List

Set length----20 min.
1. "First Impression"
2. "No Info (I'm Clean)"
3. "Venom"
4. "A Lil' Country"