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On The Verge Of Collapse - first demo CD.



Rap artist I.K.P. is not your average entertainer. His worldly experiences and determination to bring a different facet to the current state of the hip-hop world provides the backdrop for the extensive depth in his words and appeal in his music. I.K.P. was born Kenny Margarito Alvarez to two happily married native Hondurans in the East New York section of Brooklyn, New York as the last of 6 siblings. His father worked as a merchant marine for over 25 years and mother works as a nurse in various hospitals and homes throughout her career. Being raised in Norfolk, Virginia during his teen years the young, shy prodigy discovered his interests in writing, drawing and collecting music. As early as 13 years of age, his hobbies included collecting music from CDs and storing them on his home computer, creating a digital collection of hits from all of his favorite artists. He grew fond of breaking down tracks and remixing songs with different music editing software and creating original CDs, impressing his family and friends. As he developed his ear for the creation of music, he subsequently began writing rap songs. To amplify his writing style, he acquired a penchant for employing various poetic devices to boost his level of lyricism. He showed strength in his English courses, which gave him the inspiration he needed to advance his writing talents, although he would not quite put full effort behind his academic studies. In addition, Alvarez found inspiration from his own life and the lives of others around him, often writing stories about himself and others to add more personality to his work in development. While in school, Alvarez would dub himself “Infamous K” around friends, who took notice to his interest in rap. As a pastime, he would often pass around notebooks for other aspiring artists to include their raps and display their skill. On his own, Alvarez had continued to write and develop his rapping skills through various outlets such as open-mic sessions and talent shows available in order to hone his performance skills and delivery as well as fostering his confidence.
While serving in the military briefly, he continued to find solace in writing and cultivating his other talents. But it wasn’t until early 2007 the young service member would receive devastating news that ultimately influenced his decision to pursue his dreams. Early January, shortly after the new year had commenced, Alvarez was informed that he HIV positive. Realizing he would need support more than ever to pursue his dreams, he informed his family of his status. It was then he discerned that the blank opinions of others would be unmatched to the unbridled support of his immediate family members. He effectively began planning ways to make his vision a reality. Eventually he would dub himself “Infamous K. Plus” adding the “Plus” to signify a triad of indications: first, as a compliment to his HIV status; second, attributing his growth in experience from his days as simply “Infamous K”; and finally, paying homage to his mission to produce positive messages in his music.
All of his efforts toward acuminating his talents had finally come to a culmination when Alvarez decides to invest in his own future by manifesting a demo CD to attempt a chance at notoriety. He began by purchasing his own equipment to create a makeshift studio in his own apartment. Using a single condenser microphone attached to a preamplifier and his laptop computer, Alvarez began recording tracks to his first demo, financing all the material, production, and equipment himself. He would gather original instrumentals from a myriad of hungry producers worldwide found online, and arranging them to fit his written material to create authentic tracks for his release. Now at age 22, I.K.P. would continue to reach out to his family for support in establishing himself. His first release, On The Verge Of Collapse, due at the top of 2008, initiates his mission in creating positive music, reflecting on his life and the lives of others has he has always done.