Smooth conscious Reggae vibration, a concept with profound and high impact lyrical content, cultural, the natural vibes of everday Jamaican lifestyle. Chanting soulful reggae music for the world no matter race or color.


Born Gemien St. Andrew Sinclair on the 25th of May 1979, in Kingston to jovial singing mother and an inspiring Rastafarian musician father (Andrew Joe Culture Sinclair-manager and keyboard player of Black Culture Band, best band in Jamaica, 1990). At birth he resided at Jacques Road then moved to Portmore where he spent most of his childhood. At the tender age of 13 he then moved to Portland for 4 years where he gained a stronger spiritual elevation in Rastafarianism. This is where he found the real purpose of music and its powerful impact after being inclined with music from birth. After spending 4 years in Portland he then returned to Portmore at the age of 17.

Kush represents the land of Africa and Kuwshites the people, hence the name I-Kush-inI, remaining true to his culture and origin. For IKush music is a mission and “I being music itself will always continue to do my duty”. He is inspired by Reggae Legends such as, his father Andrew Joe Culture Sinclair, Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Beresford Hammond and by Ras Tafari who has been his greatest inspirer.

I-Kushini has performed at events such as the crowning of swamp king in Portland at the age of 16 in 1997. His experience grew to a wider sphere when he voiced his first demo album (Green Light) at Black Scorpio studio with the name Battle Axe and performing at various parties and gigs in the Kingston and St. Catherine region. He also did work with Mixing Lab (Diamond Rush) and is presently working with labels such as Global Fire(voiced and released single 'Free Water way' 2006), John House (Little John), Small Axe Production, Studio 100 (Squidley Cole), he is now managed by the Mystery System Entertainment whom has also produced tracks for his upcoming album self titled (Ikushini "I to O") including new single Scenario, on the River Nile Rhythm, also working with Ikush is producer, songwriter, bass player for Grammy winning Digable Planets MC Doodlebug Rob Griffith and Nyah Music.

I-Kushini through his musical career aspires to become one of Jamaica’s greatest and most influential Reggae artistes. For I-Kushini, Music is his greatest vision waiting to become a reality and channel the positive vibration across the universe. His mission is to wake up his nation to the fact that any work we do has the potential to be meaningful, rewarding and being a spiritual path.

Welcome the young legend that existed from existence!

Contact Us
Jamaica: 876 - 467 - 6012
425 - 4570
949 - 8858


1. Free waterway - 7" and video.
2. Hard Road - 7"

Distance Affection - CD Album
Scenario - CD Album
Confrontation - CD Album
Broken Chains - CD Album

These songs are playing on local and international radio (Freewater way, along with its medley video Featuring Teflon, Perfect, Khani G,) also Distance affection.

Set List

1. Free waterway
2. Distance AffectionFree waterway
3. Scenario
4. Hard Road
5. Broken Chains
6. Confrontation
7. Strenght to the youth
8. Politics
9. Melenin
10. Greenlight
11. speak your mind
12. I to O

Set can be an hour or more